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Important IDIOMS with the Word “ONE” | CSS English Grammar

Important IDIOMS with the Word “ONE” | CSS English Grammar
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Important IDIOMS with the Word “ONE” | CSS English Grammar

All in one breath
said of something spoken excitedly without pause

All in one piece

All rolled up in one

with all required features

As one
as if a group were one entity

At one with
in agreement or solidarity with another

do (someone) one better
do something that is an improvement on what someone else has done

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For one thing
said to introduce one of two or more reasons (though the phrase might follow the statement)

For one
a qualifier expressing that someone represents an example

Hole in one
said of a significant achievement, in reference to achieving a goal in golf with a single hit of the ball

Important IDIOMS with the Word “ONE” | CSS English Grammar

If it’s not one thing
part of a saying (with the rest, “it’s another (thing)” often not said but implied) expressed when one is exasperated by the latest in a series of inconveniences

In one ear and out the other
said of advice or information that is not heeded or retained

In one fell swoop
all at once or within a short period

It’s been one of those days
said when multiple things have gone wrong in succession

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It’s just one of those things
said of something unfortunate that must be accepted

Take care of number one
said in reference to focusing on one’s own safety or concerns over that of others

Not one iota
not even a bit

Number one
oneself (see “look after number one”)

Important IDIOMS with the Word “ONE” | CSS English Grammar

On the one hand
from one point of view (sometimes paired with “on the other hand”)

One and all

One for the (record) books
said of a significant achievement

One good turn deserves another
an expression about the importance of reciprocity

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One-hit wonder
an artist who achieves only one commercial success

One heck/hell of a (something)
a reference to someone being markedly bad or good at something

Important IDIOMS with the Word “ONE” | CSS English Grammar

One in a million
rare or unique, often said about someone with a distinctive quality

One jump/step ahead
said of someone who anticipates or innovates

One man’s meat is another man’s poison
something one person likes may not be suitable for another person

One-night stand
an activity or encounter that lasts only one night

said of something lacking variety

One of a kind

One of the boys
someone accepted into or part of a group

One of these days
said of an expected event that will occur someday or soon; also, sometimes expressed as a threat, with the consequence implied but not stated

One of those things
said of something unwelcome but inevitable

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure
something of no value to one person may be valuable to another

One that got away
a missed opportunity

One-track mind
said of someone with a single-minded focus

Important IDIOMS with the Word “ONE” | CSS English Grammar

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One-trick pony
someone or something with only one distinguishing feature, skill, or talent

One up on
said of having an advantage over someone

One way or another

Important IDIOMS with the Word “ONE” | CSS English Grammar

Square one
the starting point of developing something or solving a problem (often in the phrase “back to square one”)

The one and only
said of something unique

There is more than one way to skin a cat
more than one procedure will work or more than one solution is available

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