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Important Solved Analogy MCQs for Competitive Exams (Set-II)

Important Solved Analogy MCQs for Competitive Exams (Set-II)
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

Earth : Axis :: Wheel : ?

(a) Tyre
(b) Car
(c) Road
(d) Hub
Answer: (d)
Explanation: First rotate about the second.

Engineer : Machine :: Doctor : ?
(a) Hospital
(b) Body
(c) Disease
(d) Medicine
Answer: (c)
Explanation: First tackles the second.

South : North-West :: West : ?
(a) South-West
(b) East
(c) North-East
(d) South
Answer: (c)
Explanation: Second is 135 degree clockwise to first.

Pride : Humility :: Desire : ?
(a) Wish
(b) Hate
(c) Suppress
(d) Indifference
Answer: (b)
Explanation: Words in each pair are antonym to each other.

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Boat : Oar :: Bicycle : ?
(a) Chain
(b) Pedal
(c) Road
(d) Wheel
Answer: (b)
Explanation: First is moved with the help of second.

Much : Many :: Measure : ?
(a) Weigh
(b) Measures
(c) Calculate
(d) Count
Answer: (d)
Explanation: Much correspond to measuring and Many correspond to Count.

Chalk : Blackboard
(a) Type : Paint
(b) Table : Chair
(c) Ink : Paper
(d) Door : Handle
Answer: (c)
Explanation: As Chalk is used to write on a blackboard, similarly ink is used to write on the paper.

Agenda : Meeting
(a) Programme : Function
(b) Performance : Ticket
(c) Map : Scale
(d) Footnote : Article
Answer: (a)
Explanation: First contain details of second.

Elevated : Exalted
(a) Dirty : Filthy
(b) Disorderly : Unfaithful
(c) Raise : Commensurate
(d) Promoted : Excellence
Answer: (a)
Explanation: Second is higher intensity form of second.

Fish : Shoal
(a) Shark : School
(b) Whale : Herd
(c) Elephant : Flock
(d) Audience : Theatre
Answer: (a)
Explanation: Second is group of First.

Traffic : Road
(a) Aeroplane : Aerodrome
(b) Roots : Tree
(c) Blood : Veins
(d) Car : Garage
Answer: (c)
Explanation: Traffic runs on roads, Bloods runs in Veins

Sprain : Fracture
(a) Devotion : Blessing
(b) Excitement : Frenzy
(c) Sleep : Dream
(d) Fever : Malaria
Answer: (b)
Explanation: Second is of higher intensity than first.

Platform : Train
(a) Aeroplane : Aerodrome
(b) Quay : Ship
(c) Hotel : Tourist
(d) Footpath : Traveller
Answer: (b)
Explanation: Second use to stop at first.

Weight : Kilogram
(a) Seconds : Hours
(b) Bushel : Corn
(c) Distance : Kilometer
(d) Mile : Length
Answer: (b)
Explanation: Second is unit to measure the first.

Cool : Cold
(a) Length : Width
(b) Gold : Bourne
(c) Plant : Tree
(d) Pretty : Beautiful
Answer: (d)
Explanation: Second is higher intensity of the first.

Chair : Carpenter
(a) Grass : Gardener
(b) Medicine : Doctor
(c) Bridge : Engineer
(d) Radio : Radiologist
Answer: (c)
Explanation: First is designed by second.

Sound : Muffled
(a) Moisture : Humid
(b) Color : Faded
(c) Despair : Anger
(d) Odour : Pungent
Answer: (b)
Explanation: Second is the process of gradual disappearance of first.

Humanitarian : Altruistic
(a) Host : Hospitable
(b) Artist : Imitative
(c) Idealist : Cynical
(d) Guest : Rude
Answer: (a)
Explanation: Second is a quality of first. Altruistic meaning

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Fury : Ire
(a) Amusement : Happiness
(b) Joke : Laugh
(c) Cry : Whisper
(d) Convulsion : Spasm
Answer: (d)
Explanation: Second is more intense form of the first.

Fragile : Crack
(a) Cemetery : Death
(b) Pliable : Bend
(c) Hydro : Water
(d) Irreducible : Reduce
Answer: (b)
Explanation: A fragile thing cracks easily and Pliable thing bends easily.

Portico : Building
(a) Wheel : Bicycle
(b) Ship : Steamer
(c) Stove : Kitchen
(d) Fort : Fortress
Answer: (d)
Explanation: Words in each pair are synonyms.

State : Exile
(a) Church : Excommunicate
(b) Constitution : Amendment
(c) Antidote : Disease
(d) Rehearsal : Performance
Answer: (a)
Explanation: Second is vanishing a person from the first.

Lively : Dull
(a) Emotional : Sensitive
(b) Flower : Bud
(c) Employed : Jobless
(d) Happy : Gay
Answer: (c)
Explanation: Words in each pairs are antonyms to each other.

Mad : Insane
(a) Red : Green
(b) Healthy : Fat
(c) Brave : Timid
(d) Slim : Thin
Answer: (d)
Explanation: First is more intense form of second.

Pain : Ache
(a) Fever : Illness
(b) Suffering : Trouble
(c) Lazy : Lethargic
(d) Damp : Arid
Answer: (c)
Explanation: Second is more intense form of first.

Agreement : Dissent
(a) Touchdown : Penalty
(b) Latitude : Resistence
(c) Schism : Diverge
(d) Impasse : Concede
Answer: (b)
Explanation: Words in each pairs are antonyms.

Food : Hungry
(a) Thought : Politics
(b) Water : River
(c) Rest : Weary
(d) Wine : Intoxication
Answer: (c)
Explanation: Hungry person needs food and Weary person need rest.

Wan : Color
(a) Enigmatic : Puzzle
(b) Pallid : Complexion
(c) Insipid : Flavor
(d) Copulent : Weight
Answer: (b)

Biography : Autobiography
(a) Memories : History
(b) Author : Performer
(c) Mobile : Automobile
(d) Testimony : Confession
Answer: (d)

Thermometer : Temperature
(a) Length : Breadth
(b) Millimeter : Scale
(c) Cardiograph : Heart rate
(d) Solar energy : Sun
Answer: (c)
Explanation: First used to measure second.

Loath : Coercion
(a) Irate : Antagonism
(b) Irritate : Caressing
(c) Reluctant : Persuasion
(d) Contemplative : Meditative
Answer: (c)
Explanation: Loath and Reluctant are synonyms
Loath meaning بیدل ناراض نا رضامند
Coercion and Persuasion are synonyms
Coercion meaning جبر دباوٴ

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Money : Transaction
(a) Life : Death
(b) Water : Drink
(c) Ideas : Exchange
(d) Language : Conversation
Answer: (d)

Formula : Constituent
(a) Equation : Term
(b) Rocket : Pilot
(c) Carburetor : Mixture
(d) Binomial : Monocular
Answer: (a)
Explanation: Second is a part of first in each pair.

Trilogy : Novel
(a) Gun : Cartridge
(b) Rise : Husk
(c) Milk : Cream
(d) Serial : Episode
Answer: (d)
Explanation: Second is a part of first.

Grain : Salt
(a) Chip : Glass
(b) Blades : Grass
(c) Shred : Wood
(d) Shard : Pottery
Answer: (a)
Explanation: Salt consists of grains and Glass is made up of chips.

Diva : Opera
(a) Thespian : Play
(b) Conductor : Bus
(c) Director : Drama
(b) Producer : Theatre
Answer: (a)
Explanation: Diva (woman singer) plays a leading role in an opera (musical plays).
Thespian (actor) plays a leading role in plays.

As ‘Wheel’ is related to ‘Vehicle’ similarly ‘Clock’ is related to what?
(a). Needle
Answer: (a)

As ‘Plateau’ is related a ‘Mountain’, similarly ‘Bush’ is related to what?
Answer: (c)

As ‘Tennis’ is related to ‘Racket’ in the same way ‘Hockey’ is related to what?
(a). Ball
(b). Stick
(c). Field
(d). Player
Answer: (b)

As ‘Football’ is related to ‘Field’ in the same way, ‘Tennis’ is related to what?
Answer: (a)

As ‘Steal’ is related to ‘Factory’ in the same way ‘Wheat’ is related to what?
Answer: (a)

Sailor : Ship : : Lawyer : ?
(a) Legal
(b) Law
(c) Court
(d) Ruling
Answer: (c)
Explanation: ‘Sailor’ works at ‘Ship’, similarly ‘Lawyer’ works at ‘Court’.

Love : Hate : : Create : ?
(a) Make
(b) Renovate
(c) Destroy
(d) Building
Answer: (c)
Explanation: ‘Hate’ is just opposite of ‘Love’. Similarly, ‘Destroy’ is just opposite of ‘Create’.

Tegal airport is to Germany and Kimpo airport is to?
(a) Laos
(b) North Korea
(c) South Korea
(d) Latvia
Answer: (c)

Monrovia belongs to Liberia and Schwechat belongs to
(a) Oslo
(b) Geneva
(c) Chile
(d) Vienna
Answer: (d)

Draw : Scribble :: Talk : ?
(a) Gibberish
(b) Conversation
(c) Gossip
(d) Hearsay
Answer: (a)

Requisite : Expendable :: Dogmatic : ?
(a) Imperious
(b) Melancholy
(c) Avaricious
(d) Amenable
Answer: (d)

Doubt : Skeptic :: Load : ?
(a) Weight
(b) Road
(c) Encumber
(d) Stevedore
Answer: (d)

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Speech : Discourse :: Trip : ?
(a) Stumble
(b) Jaunt
(c) Hallucination
(d) Voyage
Answer: (d)

Country : Enclave :: Book : ?
(a) Treatise
(b) Volume
(c) Chapter
(d) Bet
Answer: (c)

Stolid : Emotion :: Torpid : ?
(a) Bliss
(b) Procedure
(c) Inertia
(d) Activity
Answer: (d)

Grow : Flourish :: Fly : ?
(a) Soar
(b) Start
(c) Descend
(d) Project
Answer: (a)

Aspersion : Plaudit :: Perseverance : ?
(a) Confounding
(b) Deception
(c) Facilitation
(d) Digresson
Answer: (d)

Vitality : Pallid :: Strength : ?
(a) Restive
(b) Efficacy
(c) Flimsy
(d) Significant
Answer: (c)

Histrionic : Emotion :: Lugubrious : ?
(a) Mourning
(b) Affection
(c) Punishment
(d) Toleration
Answer: (a)

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