26th of July transpired Imran khan party head of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and his victory speech. According to the analysts, speech was the most sensible victory speech ever made. Before anything else, he was not found dependent on any piece of paper to convey his thoughts properly.

Substantial importance is granted to the friendly neighborhood in the address; however, Pakistan is not so successful in experiencing this comfort. India has an enduring rivalry with Pakistan. And Afghanistan, despite being provided with much leverage, in particular offered shelter to refugees (a reason of instability) encounters Pakistan in many fields. China in the northern side is the only one that has always backed Pakistan in difficult times, starting from the wars of 1965 and 1971, silk route, China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, support in FATF’s decision etc. Imran khan, the to-be prime minister of Pakistan, not only shed light on the importance of smooth relationships with neighboring countries but promised to improve them as well.

His victory speech although in Urdu (national language) was given the most coverage from all big media houses that have ever been experienced in the history of Pakistan.

He also talked about uplifting the proletariat class of the society and providing them with their basic needs, jobs and appointments on merit. He termed all these policies as human development and said state’s progress is analyzed by the standard of living of the poor class of the society. Moreover, state cannot progress with a small portion of rich and an ocean of poor class.

He in descending order, offered accountability which means he and his party will be held accountable for their deeds first and then others. He postulated elections were out of rigging and election commission was appointed by PML-N and PPP themselves and without any involvement of PTI. But even then if there is uncertainty he is ready to open any polling area held suspicious by any political party.

He spent a valuable time talking about India and its disputes with the state. He started with the conviction that India labeled him as a villain from outer world. Moreover, he talked about disputed territory Kashmir and said that both states should sit on tables peacefully and find out a solution.

A fact of paramount importance is that India always gives a reference to the Tashkent agreement 1966 and its clause that any disputed matter would be discussed between them only and no third party’s involvement would be bared. While Pakistan gives a reference to Karachi agreement 1949 which was supervised by a supranational body UN, hence all disputed matters should also be solved under UN.

He said that money of people in form of taxes will not be wasted but will be spared on them only. And he and his government will reduce expenditures and adopt simplicity. He has refused to live in PM residence and proposed the establishment of either educational or public institution over there. All governor houses will also be treated in the same way.

He also humbly talked about personal attacks made on him during the previous government tenures and ensured that he will not do the same and will not take any sort of revenge from anyone.

There was a huge response from the general public after his victory speech mainly expressed on social media. Even those who were not the supporters of him wished him good luck and betterment of the state. Labeled as mature, concise and highlighting almost all major points that needed attention, his speech is plausible.

Courtesy: Daily The Nation Lahore