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The Land Of Pakistan MCQs for all type of Competitive Examinations

The Land Of Pakistan MCQs
Written by CSS Times

Pakistan is located in the ____ part of South Asia.
(a) Southern
(b) Western
(c) Eastern
(d) Northern
Answer: b

Pakistan extends from 23o 35’N to ____latitude.
(a) 37o 05’N
(b) 34o 03’N
(c) 31o 04’N
(d) 39o 05’N
Answer: a

Pakistan extends from 60o 50’ to ____Longitude.
(a) 77o 52’E
(b) 73o 53’E
(c) 77o 50’E
(d) 77o 59’E
Answer: c

The Standard time of Pakistan is____ hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
(a) 2
(b) 3
(c) 4
(d) 5
Answer: d

Pakistan is surrounded by Land on three sides, east, west and ___.
(a) North
(b) South
(c) Both a & b
(d) None of these
Answer: a

India is located on the ____side of Pakistan.
(a) North
(b) West
(c) East
(d) South
Answer: c

Border between India and Pakistan is ____ kilometres or 1000 miles.
(a) 1610
(b) 1710
(c) 1810
(d) 1910
Answer: a

There is a rail link at Wagah near Lahore (Pakistan) and Atari near ____ (India).
(a) Amritsar
(b) Delhi
(c) Khokrapar
(d) Muanbao
Answer: a

Another rail link is at Khokrapar (Sindh, Pakistan) and ___ (India).
(a) Munabao
(b) Rawalakot
(c) Rajisthan
(d) None of these
Answer: a

China lies to the ____of Pakistan.
(a) East
(b) West
(c) North
(d) South
Answer: c

The Karakoram Highway links Pakistan and ____.
(a) Afghanistan
(b) Iran
(c) India
(d) China
Answer: d

The Karakoram Highway links the two countries via the ___ pass.
(a) Khunjerab
(b) Khyber
(c) Gilgit
(d) Chitral
Answer: a

The border between Pakistan and China is____ kilometres.
(a) 485
(b) 585
(c) 685
(d) 785
Answer: b

Afghanistan is located on the ____border of Pakistan.
(a) North-western
(b) South-western
(c) East-western
(d) West-western
Answer: a

Peshawar is linked with Kabul via ____pass.
(a) Khunjerab
(b) Dir
(c) Khyber
(d) None of these
Answer: c

Another link between Pakistan and Afghanistan from Quetta to____ via the Khojak Pass.
(a) Kabul
(b) Mizara-e-Sharif
(c) Kandhar
(d) None of these
Answer: c

With Afghanistan, Pakistan has ____ kilometres boundary.
(a) 2252
(b) 2452
(c) 2652
(d) 2852
Answer: a

Border between Pakistan and Afghanistan is known as ____.
(a) Silk Line
(b) Durand line
(c) Safak Line
(d) Gojal line
Answer: b

Durand Agreement was concluded in ____.
(a) 1893
(b) 1895
(c) 1897
(d) 1899
Answer: a

This agreement was concluded between British India and Afghan Amir ____.
(a) Abdur Rehman Khan
(b) Abdul Khaliq
(c) Sharif Khan
(d) Khan Altaf Khan
Answer: a

The name of ‘Durand’ derived from Henry Mortimer Durand, the Foreign Secretary of British____.
(a) France
(b) India
(c) Canada
(d) Ghana
Answer: b

Iran lies to the ____of Pakistan.
(a) South east
(b) South west
(c) South north
(d) East west
Answer: b

The railway link between Iran and Pakistan runs from Quetta via Dalbandin and ____to Iran.
(a) Nok Kundi
(b) Abadon
(c) Tehran
(d) None of these
Answer: a

Kuh-i-taftan is a border railway station in Pakistan and ____ in Iran.
(a) Abaden
(b) Safadon
(c) Zahedan
(d) None of these
Answer: c

Wakhan, a narrow strip of Afghanistan, separates Pakistan from ___.
(a) Uzbekistan
(b) Kazakhstan
(c) Azerbaijan
(d) Tajikistan
Answer: d

Gwadar Port is situated in____ province.
(a) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
(b) Sindh
(c) Balochistan
(d) None of these
Answer: c

The Port location is 24o06’N’45N____.
(a) 62o20’19 E
(b) 62o20’19W
(c) 62o20’19 N
(d) None of these
Answer: a

The Port is built with the help of____.
(a) Canada
(b) Russia
(c) China
(d) USA
Answer: c

Gwadar Port became operational in____.
(a) 2006
(b) 2007
(c) 2008
(d) 2009
Answer: c

Gwadar Port was transferred to Pakistan on 8 September, 1958 from ____.
(a) Qatar
(b) Oman
(c) Bahrain
(d) Kuwait
Answer: b

Through Gwadar Port, ____can be monitored.
(a) Strait of Singapore
(b) Strait of Hormuz
(c) Strait of Oman
(d) Red Sea
Answer: b

Pak–Iran border has a length of 805 kms or ____ miles.
(a) 500
(b) 600
(c) 700
(d) 800
Answer: a

Pakistan has ____ of the 16 tallest peaks in Asia.
(a) Seven
(b) Nine
(c) Six
(d) Four
Answer: a

40 of the world’s highest mountains are located in Pakistan ____.
(a) 45
(b) 50
(c) 60
(d) 35
Answer: b

Pakistan’s National Floral Symbol Jasmine was adopted in July ___.
(a) 1961
(b) 1962
(c) 1963
(d) None of these
Answer: a

National Poet of Pakistan is____.
(a) Hafeez Jullundhri
(b) Allama Iqbal
(c) Josh Malih Abadi
(d) None of these
Answer: b

Pakistan’s National slogan is____.
(a) Pakistan Ka Matlab Kya
(b) Pakistan Zindabad
(c) Payara Pakistan
(d) None of these
Answer: b

During the Pakistan Movement, National slogans adopted by the Muslims, were ____.
(a) Pakistan Ka Matlib Kya La Illa’ha Illallah
(b) Pakistan Banayeen Gay Kufr Ko Mitain Gay
(c) Ban Kay Rahay Ga Pakistan
(d) Both A & C
Answer: d

Pakistan’s National Game is____.
(a) Cricket
(b) Hockey
(c) Squash
(d) Both a & b
Answer: d

The National Language of Pakistan is____.
(a) English
(b) Urdu
(c) Both English & Urdu
(d) None of these
Answer: b

The prominent spoken languages of Pakistan other than Urdu are Punjabi, Balochi, Pashtu, Hindko and____.
(a) Kashmiri
(b) Saraiki
(c) Gojri
(d) All of these
Answer: d

The province of Sindh has adopted ____ as official language.
(a) Sindhi
(b) English
(c) Urdu
(d) None of these
Answer: a

The official language of Pakistan is____.
(a) Urdu
(b) English
(c) Both English & Urdu
(d) None of these
Answer: b

The official religion of Pakistan is Islam. The percentage of Muslims is ____.
(a) 95%
(b) 96.7%
(c) 98%
(d) 100%
Answer: b

In order of merit, Mr. Hafeez Jullundhri’s poetry/An them stood first, whose stood second?
(a) Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi
(b) Hakim Ahmad Shuja
(c) Mr. Jasimuddin
(d) None of these
Answer: b

The search for suitable words for National Anthem with the music set by A. G. Chagla finally ended with the approval in August ___.
(a) 1952
(b) 1953
(c) 1954
(d) 1955
Answer: c

How many stanza’s are there in the National Anthem?
(a) Three
(b) Five
(c) Seven
(d) None of these
Answer: a

Each stanza consists of ____ lines.
(a) Three
(b) Five
(c) Seven
(d) None of these
Answer: b

The duration of the tune of the National Anthem is of only one minute and ____.
(a) Thirty seconds
(b) Twenty seconds
(c) Forty seconds
(d) None of these
Answer: b

The National Anthem was broadcasted from Radio Pakistan in the voice of Hafeez Jullundhri, on August____.
(a) 13, 1954
(b) 13, 1953
(c) 13, 1952
(d) 13, 1955
Answer: a

While composing the National Anthem 21 instruments and ____ saz were used.
(a) 38
(b) 36
(c) 34
(d) 32
Answer: a

Pakistan’s National Flag was adopted on ____.
(a) August 11, 1947
(b) August 12, 1947
(c) August 14, 1947
(d) None of these
Answer: a

The National Flag was presented by ____ in the Legislative Assembly.
(a) Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan
(b) Nawabzada Liaquat Ali Khan
(c) Mr. Ghulam Muhammad
(d) None of these
Answer: b

Pakistan has a dark green and white rectangular flag in the proportion of length to width.
(a) 3-1
(b) 3-2
(c) 3-4
(d) None of these
Answer: b

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