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Last Hour Revision Plan for CSS Paper “General Science and Ability “

Last Hour Revision Plan for CSS General Science and Ability Paper
Written by Malik Hassan Ali

Last Hour Revision Plan for CSS General Science and Ability Paper
by: Malik Hassan Ali (CSS-2018 Written Qualifier)

  1. From part one of “General Science” prepare portion of Physical sciences topic wise but very briefly like four to five lines about every topic and sub topics within. The easier way to do is to use google type each topic/sub topic’s name and read the first link which appears on it as a result of search, in written form, read just first paragraph or few lines about it if not satisfied by the link then directly go to Wikipedia’s link about topic and read not more than first paragraph about that topic/sub topic. Not to burden your mind with trivial/excessive details.
  2. Prepare the portion of biological and environmental sciences likewise.
  3. Prepare only one from food sciences or IT portion on the pattern shared above.
  4. Or any four of the five main divisions can be prepared from physical, biological, environmental, food sciences and IT. (It is better to leave the one having least sub topics but best to prepare all five of them that is up-to you what time you are left with)
  5. From part two of “General Ability” your final revision should only include preparing for the basic mathematics portion try to use past papers in it and check what type of questions are coming from them try to memorize all formulas afresh specially ratio, proportions, rates, percentage, angles, triangles etc.
  6. If you have consulted and prepared from a good book for rest of the General Ability like “Test of Reasoning by Edgar Thorpe” you don’t need to revise other sections of this portion. The things you learned will retain in your mind even well after CSS papers for other competitive exams as well, and if you haven’t prepare that portion no need to bother your mind with these topics at eleventh hour they wont be covered in full. Just leave them. Only you have to score some extra in other two papers of General Knowledge (Pakistan Affairs and Current Affairs) to make up for this deficiency later.
  7. Move to MCQs portion then, for that consult past papers and if you have any good book for science related MCQs that will do but if you don’t have it arrange from somewhere general science books of class 6th, 7th and 8th (all or as many of them as you can arrange) and just revise all the MCQs of the exercises of those books plus the summaries given at the end of the chapters.
  8. Take proper care of your sleep it is the most important thing during exams.

Good Luck!

Malik Hassan Ali (CSS-2018 Written Qualifier)

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