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Last Hour Revision Plan for Current Affairs & Pakistan Affairs CSS Paper

Last Hour Revision Plan for CSS Current Affairs and Pakistan Affairs
by: Malik Hassan Ali (CSS-2018 Written Qualifier)

1. Cover the topics which are common to both subjects first they are related to Pakistan. By doing this you can tackle both papers with single revision.

2. In Current Affairs syllabus, paper of 60 marks would be from Pakistan related topics in course outlines portion IPakistan’s Domestic Affairs” has 20 marks and “Pakistan’s External Affairs” has 40 marks. Try to cover maximum topics from them.

3. For Current Affairs the easy way to cover topics is not to read in detail but just type the name of topic and go to the news tab in Google search, read between three to five recent news on every topic and that is enough.

4. After covering Pakistan related topics, all or maximum number of them, upto your satisfaction, pick between 5 to 8 topics which you think are the most important ones from the rest of the portion on “Global Issues” and do the same practice mentioned in point 3.

5. After this revise important facts and figures of recent economic survey of Pakistan.

6. Then prepare the MCQs from past papers or any good book you have for MCQs on current Affairs / General Knowledge.

7. On the next day, for Pakistan Affairs most of the revision is already complete while revising for Current Affairs, only focus on remaining part which is topic one of the syllabus “Ideology of Pakistan etc”

8. Prepare MCQs afterwards and anything which you deem very important.

Good Luck!

Malik Hassan Ali (CSS-2018 Written Qualifier)

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