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National Colors of Countries | World General Knowledge for CSS, PMS, PCS

National Colors of Countries | World General Knowledge
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

National Colors of Countries | World General Knowledge for CSS, PMS, PCS

The world’s 196 countries stick to a surprisingly small palette when it comes to picking their flags. The colors with the most number of appearances on these flags was:

  • Red (148)
  • White (140)
  • Blue (102)
  • Yellow/Gold (89)
  • Green (87)

The most common color in terms of dominant color on the flag is slightly different:

  • Red (30.30%)
  • Blue (21.15%)
  • White (19.12%)
  • Green (15.33%)
  • Yellow/Gold (8.60%)

The most common combination of color is Red, White & Blue.

Country Primary Colors
Afghanistan Green, red, white and black
Albania Red and black
Argentina Light blue and white
Armenia Red and blue
Australia Green and gold
Austria Red and White
Bangladesh Red, Green and Gold
Belgium Red
Bosnia and Herzegovina Blue, Gold and White
Brazil Green and yellow
Canada Red and white
Chile Red, white, and blue
China Red and Yellow
Czech Republic White, red, and blue
Denmark Red and white
Estonia Blue, black, and white
Finland White and blue
France Blue, white, and red
Germany Black, red and gold
Ghana Red, Gold, Green and Black
Greece Blue and white
Haiti Red and blue
Hungary Red, white and green
India Saffron, Blue, White, Green
Indonesia Red and white
Iran Green, white and red
Ireland Green and Blue
Israel Blue and white
Italy Green, white and red
Jamaica Green, gold and black
Libya Red, Black, Green and White
Malaysia Gold and black
Mexico Green, white and red
Nepal Crimson
Netherlands Orange
New Zealand Black
Norway Red, white and blue
Pakistan Green and white
Philippines Blue, red, white and yellow
Poland White and red
Portugal Green and red
Romania blue, yellow and red
Russia White, blue and red
Serbia Red, blue and white
Slovakia White, blue and red
Slovenia White, blue and red
Sweden Blue and gold
Tajikistan Green, yellow, red and white
Turkey Red, white
Ukraine Blue and yellow
United Kingdom Red, white and blue
United States Red, white, and blue
Uruguay Blue and white
Venezuela Yellow, blue and red

Yellow and red

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Which of the following is a correctly punctuated sentence?

a) I enjoy hiking swimming and biking.
b) I enjoy hiking, swimming, and biking.
c) I enjoy hiking swimming, and biking.
d) I enjoy hiking, swimming and biking.
Answer: b) I enjoy hiking, swimming, and biking.

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d) She likes to read.
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Choose the correct form of the verb to complete the sentence:

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a) visited
b) visit
c) have visited
d) visits
Answer: a) visited

Which sentence is grammatically correct?

a) Me and my friend went to the store.
b) My friend and I went to the store.
c) Me went to the store with my friend.
d) My friend and me went to the store.
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b) The book is on the shelf.
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b) That
c) Those
d) This
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