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OXFORD Dictionary of English Grammar | Download Complete Book in PDF

OXFORD Dictionary of English Grammar | Download Complete Book in PDF
Shahzad F. Malik
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

The OXFORD Dictionary of English Grammar – SECOND EDITION

Students of English are faced with an ever-expanding list of terms when studying the grammar of present-day English. The Oxford Dictionary of English Grammar offers help by defining current terminology clearly with the help of numerous example sentences and quotations from the scholarly linguistic literature. Where the same terminology is used differently by linguists, these differences are explained, and where different terminology is used in the same way, this is also clearly signalled.

This new edition of the Oxford Dictionary of English Grammar differs from the first edition in many ways:

  • All entries have been completely revised and updated.
  • There are many new entries covering recent terminology, for example from The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language.
  • There are new short entries on the most important grammars of English published since the beginning of the twentieth century.
  • Usage advice is given where appropriate, though it is never prescriptive.
  • Advice is sometimes given regarding the use of terminology that most linguists would agree is best avoided.

Download Oxford Dictionary of English Grammar (Book in PDF)

Download Book in PDF

Readers familiar with the first edition will notice that the entries on English phonetics have been removed. The reason for this is that it is very unusual for phonetics to be covered under the heading of ‘grammar’, and this terminology is best dealt with elsewhere.

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