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Pakistan Studies MCQs (Kashmir, Siachen & Sir Creek) for All Competitive Exams

Pakistan Studies MCQs (Kashmir, Siachen & Sir Creek)
Written by CSS Times
  1. Kashmir was purchased by Ghulab Singh from British Government for

(a)          Rs.8.5 million
(b)          Rs.7.5 million
(c)           Rs.9.5 million
(d)          Rs.5.5 million

2. First battle for freedom against the arbitrary and repressive rule of Dogra dynasty fought in

(a)          1930
(b)          1932
(c)           1931
(d)          1933

  1. ‘Chenab Formula’ to resolve the Kashmir dispute was presented by

(a)          Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan
(b)          Ali Shah Gilani
(c)           Sultan Mahmood
(d)          None of these

  1. ‘Line of Control in Kashmir was drawn in?

(a)          1965
(b)          1965
(c)           1948
(d)          1972

  1. The total length of ‘Line of Control in Kashmir is about

(a)          720 km
(b)          820 km
(c)           620 km
(d)          920 km

  1. Where Siachen glacier is located?

(a)          Karakoram
(b)          Hindu Kush
(c)           Pamir
(d)          Kohistan

  1. Which two countries claim the Siachen glacier?

(a)          Pakistan and India
(b)          India and China
(c)           China and Pakistan
(d)          None of these

  1. What does the word Siachen means?

(a)          Place of red lilies
(b)          Place of Wild roses
(c)           Place of white swans
(d)          None of these

  1. When the cease-fire line was drawn in Kashmir?

(a)          1947
(b)          1946
(c)           1948
(d)          1949

  1. All Parties Hurriyat Conference is an alliance of

(a)          18 parties
(b)          23 parties
(c)           19 parties
(d)          21 parties

  1. Out of 14 districts of Jammu and Kashmir, the Muslim majority districts are

(a)          7
(b)          9
(c)           10
(d)          13

  1. The percentage of Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir is

(a)          80
(b)          85
(c)           90
(d)          95

  1. The disputed territory after the partition of Indian Sub-continent in August 1947 was:

(a)          Kashmir
(b)          Siachin
(c)           Kishanganga
(d)          none of these

  1. When Maharaja Hari Singh signed a standstill agreement with Pakistan?

(a)          September, 1947
(b)          August, 1947
(c)           June, 1947
(d)          July, 1947

  1. Which declaration was issued by India and Pakistan after 1965 war?

(a)          Tashkent declaration
(b)          Simla Declaration
(c)           Trieste
(d)          none of these

  1. India revised the Kashmir dispute in UNO in 1948. When UNO passed the resolution in which Kashmir’s were given the right of plebiscite?

(a)          13 August 1948
(b)          5 January 1949
(c)           both of these
(d)          none of these

  1. APHC was formed in Jammu and Kashmir in

(a)          April 1993
(b)          April 1994
(c)           April 1995
(d)          April 1996

  1. The boundary line which include the creek in Sindh is known as?

(a)          Blue line
(b)          Green line
(c)           Red line
(d)          Yellow line

  1. A massive avalanche claimed the life of more than hundred Pakistani soldiers on:

(a)          6th April 2012
(b)          7th April 2012
(c)           8th April 2012
(d)          9th April 2012

  1. Siachen glacier in mountainous Kashmir, an area known as the

(a)          World’s highest glacier
(b)          World’s highest mountain
(c)           World’s highest battlefront
(d)          World’s highest Lake

  1. Siachen glacier is an inhospitable area that nevertheless became the site of fierce fighting between nuclear-armed rivals Pakistan and India since

(a)          1984
(b)          1985
(c)           1986
(d)          1987

  1. Where the Siachen Glacier is situated?

(a)          Baltistan
(b)          Skardu
(c)           Swat
(d)          Hunza

  1. Siachen camp of Pakistani troops is located in

(a)          Gayari district
(b)          Lehdistrict
(c)           Ladakhdistrict
(d)          None of these

  1. India and Pakistan fought a fierce battle over Siachen in______, raising fears of all-out conflict,

(a)          1985
(b)          1986
(c)           1987
(d)          1988

  1. The guns on the glacier have largely fallen silent since a peace process was launched between Pakistan and India in

(a)          2004
(b)          2005
(c)           2006
(d)          2007

  1. How many persons buried alive as avalanche hit Pak troops camp in Siachen?

(a)          130
(b)          120
(c)           124
(d)          135

  1. How many civilians buried alive as avalanche hit Pak troops camp in Siachen?

(a)          11
(b)          12
(c)           14
(d)          13

  1. How many army soldiers buried alive as avalanche hit Pak troops camp in Siachen?

(a)          130
(b)          120
(c)           124
(d)          135

  1. Siachen is close to four of the world’s 14 peaks over 8,000 metres — K2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum I and______,all of which are on the Pakistani side of the frontline.

(a)          Gasherbrum II
(b)          Naga Parbat
(c)           RakaPoshi
(d)          Tirch Mir

  1. 12 out of the world’s highest 30 mountains are in:

(a)          Himalaya
(b)          Hindu Kush
(c)           Pamir
(d)          Karakoram

  1. Name the longest glacier of Pakistan?

(a)          Hispar
(b)          Baltoro
(c)           Siachen
(d)          Batura

  1. What is the total length of Siachen glacier?

(a)          63 km
(b)          67 km
(c)           71.5 km
(d)          72.5 km

  1. Siachen Glacier is situated in the mountain range of

(a)          Karakoram
(b)          Sulaiman
(c)           Hindu Kush
(d)          Himalayas

  1. Name the highest glacier of Pakistan?

(a)          Hispar
(b)          Baltoro
(c)           Siachen
(d)          Batura

  1. Siachin Glacier is the longest glacier in the Karakoram and _____ longest in the world’s non-polar areas.

(a)          2nd
(b)          3rd
(c)           4rth
(d)          5th

  1. When the Runn of kutch arbitration took place?

(a)          1947
(b)          1968
(c)           1960
(d)          1965

  1. When a verdict under the arbitration was reached which saw Pakistan getting 10% of its claim of 9000 sq. km?

(a)          1966
(b)          1967
(c)           1968
(d)          1969

  1. The dispute lies in the interpretation of the line between Runn of kutch and Sindh as depicted in

(a)          1914 map
(b)          1925 map
(c)           1945 map
(d)          Both a & b

  1. Name of the highest battle field in Pakistan as well as in the world:

(a)          Hispar Glacier
(b)          Baltoira Glacier
(c)           Yengunta Glacier
(d)          Siachin Glacier

  1. What is the total length of Sir Greek

(a)          35 miles
(b)          45 miles
(c)           55 miles
(d)          60 miles

  1. Which Article was scrapped by the Indian Parliament recently?

(a)          Article 370
(b)          Article 356
(c)           Article 377
(d)          Article 246

  1. Which of the following Articles got revoked alongside Article 370?

(a)          Article 174
(b)          Article 244
(c)           Article 153
(d)          Article 35A

  1. Which of the following would be the new Union Territory without Legislature?

(a)          Puducherry
(b)          Chandigarh
(c)           Ladakh
(d)          Jammu

ANSWERS  (Pakistan Studies MCQs )

1.     b 2.     a 3.     a 4.     d 5.     a 6.     a 7.     a 8.     b 9.     c 10.   b
11.   c 12.   a 13.   a 14.   c 15.   a 16.   c 17.   a 18.   b 19.   b 20.   c
21.   a 22.   a 23.   a 24.   c 25.   a 26.   d 27.   a 28.   c 29.   a 30.   d
31.   c 32.   d 33.   a 34.   c 35.   a 36.   b 37.   c 38.   d 39.   d 40.   d
41.   a 42.   d 43.   c

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