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Pakistan’s most advanced Android App | HoWPreps by HOW5 (CSS Times Review)

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Want to crack 100 Marks Paper within 2/3 months freely and land your dream job in FIA, IB ASF ANF Punjab Police, FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, KPPSC, AJKPSC, BPSC, OTS, UTS, NTS, etc.

☑ Let’s Start Your Next Test Prep with HoWPreps Anywhere, Anytime Freely❗

HOW-PrepS offers an exclusive 100% FREE Preparation for anyone trying to pass his FIA, IB ASF ANF Punjab Police, FPSC PPSC SPSC KPPSC AJKPSC BPSC OTS UTS NTS, or any other competitive exam. HOW-PrepS App gives an aspirant exact Preparatory Material that is needed in a competitive exams and helps aspirants score competitive marks to land their dream jobs.

⛳So what exactly HoWPreps App is?

✅ It’s 100% Online and 100% Free, means no one needs to pay even a single rupee. No need to commute and waste your time. You can start your next test prep anywhere anytime you want freely and confidently.

Awais Aftab Butt

✅In its Exam Prep Section, HoWPreps App doesn’t only contain 200,000 plus MCQs but also contains reasonable explanations for the questions where-ever needed.

Moreover, at Exam Prep Section, you will have all the subjects with their name and sub-categories are divided on the basis of chapters. Other than this, all the sub-categories are further divided into multiple levels so that students don’t feel bore of continuous preparation. Above all, at Exam Prep Section, when you click on any Level you are given two options: Play Prep and Play Test. If you think, you are well-prepared of a particular chapter/sub-category, you can opt Play Prep and start your Self Assessment by the result you see at the end of each level. If you think you are not prepared, you can opt for Play Prep and start preparation of that chapter/sub-category, and then go for Test. With continuous practice and learning you will be able to crack a particular subject in months.

How Prep – first of its kind in Pakistan

✅Apart from Exam Prep, HoWPreps App provides its users one of the unique features, first of its kind in Pakistan introduced by HOW5 to help millions of students, named HoW-Pocket.

For FPSC, PPSC , etc. exam prep an aspirant needs to memorize thousands of questions so that he/she can secure his place and land in his/her dream job. It is seen that aspirants usually forget hundreds of MCQs and because of shortage of time, students hardly get time to revise them all as they are unable to carry books everywhere. HoW-Pocket solves this issue. HoW-Pocket works like your mind. It saves all of your Correct Attempts, Incorrect Attempts and also provides you an opportunity to Mark a question Favorite if it seems important. It means, you can review or revise your correct, incorrect, and favorite questions anywhere, anytime freely and know your Strengths and Weaknesses and improve your level of knowledge.

Quiz Corner in HowPrep Andriod App

✅Furthermore, a mind game is a prerequisite for a competitive aspirant. Where he can judge his level of learning and preparation through Quizzes. These mind games not only boosts students’ ability to absorb, retain, and memorized learning but also give an aspirant a feel of competition. HoWPreps App has introduced a world class mind game named Quiz Corner for its users and gives them an opportunity to analyze themselves in a real competitive environment.

Quiz Corner is filled with 10,000 Questions for each Subject e.g. Pakistan Affairs, Current Affairs, Everyday Science, General Knowledge, Islamiat, Computer Science, IQ, General Math, Geography, and dozens of other related subjects. At Quiz Corner, you can select time from 1 Minute to 2.5 minutes. You can either Play this Quiz randomly or by selecting minimum 1 category or maximum 5 category at a time. You will be given 10 Questions and 3 lifelines. The passing criterion is 70%.

If you attempt a question wrong, its means 1 life line is used, if you attempt an MCQ wrong again means 2nd lifeline is used too, and so on. If you attempt any question wrong 4th time, it will not let you go ahead and you will be displayed your result. At Quiz Corner you are given points and bonus points based on your performance. At leader-board (Gonna appear in update soon) you will be given rank Worldwide & Countrywide.

✅Due to HoWPreps App and hundreds of thousands of students and aspirants not only preparing for their tests but also qualifying their tests.

Download HoWPreps App

✅Do you want this too? Let’s download HoWPreps App from Google Play Store or by following the link below.
For IOS users, IOS App is under development, IOS users can visit untill IOS is developed.


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