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PMS Pakistan Studies (Compulsory) | Paper 2019 (Punjab Public Service Commission)

PMS Paper Pakistan Studies
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

Combined Competitive Examination for Recruitment to the Posts of
Provincial Management Service – 2019

Subject: Pakistan Studies (Compulsory)

Time Allowed: Three Hours Maximum Marks: 100

Attempt Five questions in All. Including Question No. 8 which is Compulsory. Attempt in Urdu or English.

Q. No. 1: “The policies of Indian National Congress between 1937 to 1947 were such as to make the partition of India inevitable”. Discuss (20 Marks)

Q. No. 2: What was the contribution of the Muslim press in the struggle for creation of Pakistan? Examine the role of prominent Muslim journalists in this regard. (20 Marks)

Q. No. 3: How do you substantiate that the speech of Quaid-i-Azam on 11 August 1947 was a great vision that designed the futuristic political and social structure of Pakistan. (20 Marks)

Q. No. 4: How did the partition of the Punjab in 1947 affect the communal harmony? (20 Marks)

Q. No. 5: Explain the economic challenges being faced by Pakistan. (20 Marks)

Q. No. 6: Discuss the important developments and events which shaped the Kashmir Liberation Movement during last one decade. (20 Marks)

Q. No. 7: Write short notes on any Two of the following: (10+10 Marks)
a) 18th Constitutional Amendment
b) National Action Plan
c) Diamer Bhasha Dam

Q. No. 8: Fill in the Blanks: (2×10=20 Marks)
i. Quaid-i-Azam resigned from the Indian National Congress in ________ as a protest against ________
ii. Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar started as Urdu Daily Newspaper ________ in 1913 from ________
iii. Quaid-i-Azam inaugurated the State Bank of Pakistan on ________ and its first Governor was ________
iv. Pakistan shares largest border with ________ and shortest border with ________.
v. Pakistan joined SCP as full member on ________ as a summit in ________.
vi. The longest serving Chief Justice of Pakistan was ________ and shortest serving was ________
vii. The first United Nation Agency, Pakistan joined as a member was ________ in the year ________
viii. The National Action Plan was launched by the Government in ________ to crack down on terrorism having ________ points.
ix. Pakistan takes first structural adjustment package from the IMF during the regime of ________ in the year ________.
x. Takh-i-Bhai is an archaeological site of ________ civilization, located near the city of ________ in KPK.

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PMS Paper Pakistan Studies

PMS Paper Pakistan Studies

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