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Practice Exercise in English Idioms | English Grammar for Competitive Exams

Practice Exercise in English Idioms English grammar
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

Identify the errors in English idiom in the following sentences. Write revised versions in the spaces provided. Some sentences may contain no error.

1. It was an honour to die at battle for their religion.

2. After the ceremony, the newlyweds ascended up the stairs.

3. I hope that the admissions office will comply to my request for an extension.

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4. Unless the call comes soon, we will lose out on a lucrative business venture.

5. When she returned, it felt as though she’d never been away.

6. Please type up your paper and submit it tomorrow.

7. For the first time, Rita felt independent from her 9 to 5 schedule.

8. The posse went in pursuit after the horse thieves.

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9. As a child he had a great interest for dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.

10. The two teachers walked down the corridor arguing against each other about the plan.

11. When they looked closely at the wreck, they couldn’t help to see that the car was travelling too fast.

12. Mary doubts if she’ll continue to run the carnival next year.

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13. The fugitive was capable to do anything to avoid capture.

14. Among other things, the Bill of Rights guarantees freedom from religion and the press.

15. He was the type of a student who said little in class but wrote long papers.

16. No new plans were developed in respect to the environment.

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17. The two agencies must cooperate in cases where interstate commerce is concerned.

18. Columbus sailed west in search for a way to the Indies.

19. The soldier could not endure that kind of a pain without passing out.

20. The children are waiting on the bus to arrive.

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1 in battle 2 ascended the stairs
3 comply with 4 lose a lucrative business venture
5 OK 6 type your paper
7 independent of 8 pursuit of
9 interest in dinosaurs 10 arguing (with each other)
11 couldn’t help seeing 12 doubts that
13 capable of doing 14 freedom of religion
15 type of student 16 with respect to
17 cases in which 18 in search of
19 that kind of pain 20 waiting for the bus

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