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Practice Exercise in Verb Form | English Grammar Exercise

PRACTICE EXERCISE IN VERB FORM, CSS English Grammar and Composition
Shahzad F. Malik
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

Write the correct verb form in each of the following sentences. If in doubt, check the List of Irregular Verbs. Match Answers at the end.

1. eat – They haven’t _____ out in months.
2. caught – The umpire said that Reggie had _____ the ball before it touched the ground.
3. swim – They _____ across the bay in less than an hour.
4. drink – All the soda had been _____ by the end of the dance.
5. go – Charlotte had already _____ home by the time Peter arrived.
6. lay (to place) – After the burial, his widow _____ a wreath on the gravesite.
7. shine – The sun _____ all day.
8. shrink – When he put on the sweatshirt, he noticed that it had _____.
9. sing – The four of them have already _____ two songs.
10. slay – In the story the king was relieved when These us _____ the Minotaur.

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11. steal – They concluded that the computer had been _____ over the weekend.
12. strive – All summer the crew _____ to finish the job in time.
13. awake The sound of the smoke alarm had _____ the whole family.
14. wear – By Sunday the visitor had _____ out his welcome.
15. break – Dawn had just _____, and the floor was cold under my feet.
16. dive No sooner had the submarine _____ than the destroyer appeared on the horizon.
17. creep Last night the cat burglars _____ up the fire escape.
18. fling – After flunking the test, he _____ his book out the window.
19. swear Although they _____ to secrecy, someone leaked the news to the press.
20. lead John Wesley Powell ____ his expedition down the Green River in 1869.


1 Eaten 2 caught
3 Swam 4 drunk
5 Gone 6 laid
7 Shone 8 shrunk
9 Sung 10 slew
11 stolen 12 strove or strived
13 wakened or waked 14 worn
15 broken 16 dived
17 crept 18 flung
19 swore 20 led
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