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Influence of Resources on Economic and Social Development

Influence of Resources on Economic and Social Development
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Economic and social development of a country mainly based on the natural resources. Influence and importance of resources are discussed below:

Influence of Resources on Economic Development

1. More Production:

Natural resources are helpful to increase in level of productivity by applying modern techniques of production. If a country is rich in resources it means there are more possibilities to enhance the production.

2. Agriculture Development:

Availability of natural resources like fertile land, favorable climatic conditions and more water resources are necessary for the development of agriculture sector. Resources are also required to develop the agro based industries.

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3. Industrial Development:

Development of agriculture sector means the development of industrial sector. Power and energy resources like oil and gas etc. are like primary requirement of industrial development. Iron and steel resources are helpful to develop the industrial sector. Furniture and fishing industries are mainly depend upon natural resources.

4. Increase in Forex:

Pakistan is exporting food items, textile goods, petroleum and some other goods which is only and only possible due to availability of natural resources. Accordingly natural resources increase the forex resources of a country.

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5. Infrastructure Development:

Development of infrastructure like water, sanitation, roads, energy and electricity is possible only with the help of various natural resources. Developed infrastructure is necessary for the economic and social development of a country.

Influence of Resources on Social Development

1. Transportation:

Extraction of resources and movement of resources develops the transport system in a country. Transportations like railways, road, water and air transport is playing a vital role in the economic and social development of a country.

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2. Communication:

Economic development mainly based on availability and proper use of resources. It leads to the development of communication system.

3. High Living Standard:

Availability and proper use of natural resources is compulsory to improve the living standard of the population. Natural resources play very important role in the economic development that leads to high living standard.

4. More Employments:

Natural resources like forests, fisheries and oil extractions have provided a lot of jobs to population. More employment opportunities develop the social set up of a country.

5. Urbanization:

Utilization of natural resources has increased the process of urbanization in the country. It has developed some new cities and developed the some existing cities.

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In terms of natural resources, Pakistan is one of the richest countries in the world but also one of the poorest countries in terms of resource management, states World Times magazine. The country’s resources have not been properly managed partly due to corruption and other vices. Instability, political rivalry and ineffective law and order have also played a hand in poor management of resources in Pakistan. Despite its economic potential, Pakistan still relies heavily on foreign aid and debts to finance development. On the same note, the country faces serious trade deficit, water shortages and prevalent energy crises

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