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Role of Academies in CSS Exams Preparation

Role Academies in CSS Exams Preparation

Due to the difficult exam procedure, the academies assume a vital role. Awkwardly, it is an expensive affair. Getting into civil services is indeed a hard task. Every aspirant would like to do something excessive in life. There are thousands applications and almost 70% actually appear in the CSS exam for merely 200-350 seats (in general). Every aspirant knows things but doesn’t identify how to present it. Here comes, the role of CSS Academies and Portals.

Civil Services Academies and any type of guiding portal like CSS Forum, CSS Times play a essential role during the preparation of the aspirants. However, here we should note that it has never been the essential element for the preparation. There are sufficient specimens where we can see that an aspirant get through without any help of academy. It is other section of the preparation rather than crucial. Today it has become fashion to join the academies; it is considered that without joining any academy one cannot get victory. It is clear now that academies help but at one point of preparation their role ends, and the role of candidates’ own strength finally start off . There is a high struggle in getting through CSS. Here academies help to keep you in the right track and will put you in the race in the right direction. CSS Academies have many advantages, it supports to understand the nature of FPSC exams quickly, occasionally decreases the efforts and focused more in the subject, delivers environment for the competition, regular classes in different academies give the vision about the race.

That’s why M. Afreen CSS PMS institute inculcates all these aforementioned qualities in itself that makes it to stand out from the rest of the other institutions in the market.

Individual attention and assessment go hand in hand in order to get through this quintessential exam this is why they have the ample focus on these things. In this regard, not only student but also the pedagogues have the chances to enhance the interactions with young guns and win-win strategy is formed that is a part and parcel to ace this exam.

Best CSS Academy in Lahore M. Aafreen CSS/PMS Institute have all these qualities to entice students in economical way as M. Aafreen CSS/PMS Institute have the sentiments for those who can’t put up with expensive institutions in the market.

Best CSS Academy in Lahore

On 24th August M. Aafreen CSS/PMS Institute is holding a seminar so that we can allure the students about the nitty gritty of CSS in all the aspects. M. Aafreen CSS/PMS Institute’s faculty has unity in versatility where mentors are CSPs and also belong to miscellaneous groups in Civil Services.

M. Aafreen CSS / PMS Institute Faculty Members

Best CSS Institute in Lahore

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Doctor Madiha Fatima

Dr Madiha Fatima have completed her BDs from De Montmorency College and Pharm-D from University of Lahore.
There is an amazing power of "getting to know your own learning skills and how to use it", her journey didn't stop here. She attempted Civil Superior Services (CSS) and Provincial Management Service (PMS).
Meanwhile she discovered that she have come too far to quit now, and decided that "this is the moment", she should start guiding the graduate's about CSS/PMS studies. From there her journey started as a teacher/mentor/motivator but not a money maker and Aafreen institute for CSS and PMS came into being.
Now she is a teacher, it's how she define herself. A good teacher isn't someone who gives the answers out to their students but to understand the needs, challenges and gives tools to help them succeed further.

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