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Sentence Completion MCQs (Set-I)

Sentence Completion MCQs (Set-I)
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Sentence Completion MCQs

Tasbeel is always ______ about showing up for work because he feels that tardiness is a sign of irresponsibility.

a. legible
b. tolerable
c. punctual
d. literal
e. belligerent
Answer: c
Explanation: “Punctual” means arriving exactly on time.

With her ______ eyesight, Mrs Butt spotted a trio of deer on the hillside and she reduced the speed of her car.

a. inferior
b. keen
c. impressionable
d. yielding
e. conspiratorial
Answer: b
Explanation: “Keen” means being extremely sensitive or responsive; having strength of perception.

The two travelers may have chosen ____________ routes across the continent, but the starting point was the same for each.

a. coinciding
b. direct
c. charted
d. divergent
e. intersecting
Answer: d
Explanation: “Divergent” means proceeding from one point in different directions.

A book or booklet where you regularly record your personal experiences, memories and thoughts is called a ______________.

a. memoir
b. recipe
c. diary
d. logbook
e. notepad
Answer: c
Explanation: “Diary”

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The spacecraft has two_________ sets of electronic components; if one fails, its duplicate will still function.

a. divergent
b. identical
c. simulated
d. mutual
e. prohibitive
Answer: b
Explanation: “Identical” means exactly the same.

The former cult-film director ______________ his original audience by making films that appealed instead to the

general public.
a. enchanted
b. moved
c. glorified
d. disappointed
e. influenced
Answer: d
Explanation: “Disappointed” means let down.

The ______ townspeople celebrated the soldier’s return to his home by adorning trees with yellow ribbons and

a. somber
b. jubilant
c. pitiless
d. cunning
e. unsullied
Answer: b
Explanation: “Jubilant” means rejoicing; expressing joyfulness; exulting.

As ______ beings we live each day conscious of our shortcomings and victories.

a. sensational
b. sentient
c. sentimental
d. static
e. senile
Answer: b
Explanation: “Sentient” means possessing the power of sense or sense perception; conscious.

In many cases, the formerly ________________ origins of diseases have now been identified through modern

scientific techniques.
a. insightful
b. mysterious
c. cruel
d. notable
e. useful
Answer: b
Explanation: “Mysterious” means unexplained.

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Business letters are largely __________, conveying unadorned information in a clear and concise manner.

a. functional
b. patronizing
c. superfluous
d. opaque
e. individualistic
Answer: a
Explanation: “Functional” means useful and practical.

Staring at the abstract painting, Naila could not understand how so many of her fellow museumgoers could pretend to __________ its meaning, when to her its message was so opaque.

a. obscure
b. advertise
c. comprehend
d. criticize
e. ignore
Answer: c
Explanation: “To comprehend” means to grasp the meaning of something

In such a small office setting, the office manager found he had ______ responsibilities that required knowledge in a variety of different topics.

a. heedless
b. complementary
c. mutual
d. manifold
e. correlative
Answer: d
Explanation: “Manifold” means many and varied; of many kinds; multiple.

The settlers found an ideal location with plenty of ______ land for farming and a mountain stream for fresh water and irrigation.

a. open
b. provincial
c. arable
d. timid
e. appealing
Answer: c
Explanation: “Arable” means suitable for cultivation, fit for plowing and farming productively.

Searching frantically to find the hidden jewels, the thieves proceeded to ______ the entire house.

a. justify
b. darken
c. amplify
d. ransack
e. glorify
Answer: d
Explanation: “To ransack” means to thoroughly search, to plunder, pillage.

Mrs. Rashid was under the impression that discipline would _______________ her wayward student’s academic progress rather than advance it.

a. overlook
b. foster
c. quicken
d. promote
e. hamper
Answer: e
Explanation: “To hamper” means to restrict.

Irfan’s poor typing skills were a ______ to finding employment at the nearby office complex.

a. benefit
b. hindrance
c. partiality
d. temptation
e. canon
Answer: b
Explanation: “Hindrance” is an impediment or obstruction; a state of being hindered; a cause of being prevented or impeded.

They use language not to explain but to ________-; each statement is like a reflection in a warped mirror.

a. preserve
b. distort
c. enlighten
d. negate
e. destroy
Answer: b
Explanation: “Distort” means to misrepresent..

He displayed a nearly extreme _______________, insisting on knowing every details of his friends’ lives.

a. orderliness
b. credulity
c. curiosity
d. shyness
e. morbidity
Answer: c
Explanation: “Curiosity” means a desire to find out.

Efforts are finally being made to _____________ the traffic congestion that plagues the downtown area.

a. engage
b. alleviate
c. transport
d. regenerate
e. trivialize
Answer: b
Explanation: “Alleviate” means to relieve or lessen..

When autumn comes to the Southwest, the chamisa plant blooms, and this previously _____________shrub suddenly seems to be everywhere.

a. omnipresent
b. precipitous
c. flowering
d. dazzling
e. ordinary
Answer: e
Explanation: “Ordinary” means not easily noticeable.

In sharp contrast to the previous night’s celebrations, the wedding was ____________ affair.

a. a fervent
b. a dignified
c. a chaotic
d. an ingenious
e. a jubilant
Answer: b
Explanation: “Dignified” means honored or proper.

Though outwardly ____________, the speaker was actually quite disturbed by the tumultuous crowd.

a. apprehensive
b. agitated
c. furious
d. serene
e. considerate
Answer: d
Explanation: “Serene” means calm or undisturbed.

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Frequently used as a spice, ginger also has ___________properties: it can be used to treat coughs, colds, and upset stomachs.

a. timeworn
b. invariable
c. edible
d. curative
e. descriptive
Answer: d
Explanation: “Curative” means having the properties of a remedy or cure.

Ms. Rizvi gave a performance of noteworthy ________________: her piano list ranged from classical music to jazz.

a. intensity
b. precision
c. scope
d. polish
e. duration
Answer: c
Explanation: “Scope” means range.

Must we be subjected to your ______ complaints all day long?

a. tiresome
b. fearsome
c. awesome
d. gleesome
e. wholesome
Answer: a
Explanation: “Tiresome” means causing to be weary.

The announcement that the city would raze the landmark school building was such a distressing ——– that it provoked an outcry.

a. disclosure
b. evaluation
c. liberation
d. instance
e. inquiry
Answer: a
Explanation: A “disclosure” is a declaration or revelation.

Because the pandas had already been weakened by the disease and drought, a harsh winter would have had____________ consequences for them.

a. preventive
b. regressive
c. catastrophic
d. unforeseen
e. moderate
Answer: c
Explanation: “Catastrophic” means involving a disastrous or tragic event.

For a long time, most doctors maintained that taking massive vitamins was relatively harmless; now, however, some are warning that excessive dosages can be _____________.

a. healthy
b. expensive
c. wasteful
d. toxic
e. inane
Answer: d
Explanation: “Toxic” means poisonous or harmful to health.

Commerce on the remote island was conducted exclusively by ____________, exchanging goods.

a. credit
b. loan
c. faith
d. patronage
e. barter
Answer: e
Explanation: “Barter” means the direct exchange of goods without the use of money.

Sentence Completion MCQs (Set-I)

The existence of the environmental contamination is no longer a point of _____________; government, industry and public agree that it is a serious problem.

a. concern
b. cooperation
c. urgency
d. relevance
e. dispute
Answer: e
Explanation: “Dispute” means disagreement.

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