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MCQs English Grammar

Sentence Completion MCQs (Set-II)

Sentence Completion MCQs (Set-II)
Written by CSS Times

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Sentence Completion MCQs / English Grammar MCQs

for all type of Competitive Exams / One Paper MCQs 

The ____ weather forced us to stay indoors.

(a) enticing
(b) glorious
(c) restorative
(d) inclement
Answer: d

It will be hard to ____ Leonid now that you have so ____ him.

(a) pacify – soothed
(b) mollify – incensed
(c) antagonize – irritated
(d) anger – ruffled
Answer: b

In a fit of ____ she threw out the valuable statue simply because it had belonged to her ex-husband.

(a) pique
(b) goodwill
(c) contrition
(d) pedantry
Answer: a

Harding was unable to ____ the results of the survey; although entirely unexpected, the figures were obtained by a market research firm with an ____ reputation.

(a) accept – peerless
(b) discount – impeccable
(c) fault – mediocre
(d) counter – unenviable
Answer: b

The success of the business venture ____ his expectations; he never thought that the firm would prosper.

(a) confirmed
(b) belied
(c) nullified
(d) fulfilled
Answer: b

For centuries there was no ___ between their descendents; in fact ____ strife continued until modern times.

(a) peace – internecine
(b) hostility – intermittent
(c) malevolence – intense
(d) amity – contrived
Answer: a

The journalist ____ the efforts of the drug squad to control drug peddling, claiming that they had actually ____ the problem.

(a) commended – increased
(b) lauded – intensified
(c) decried – solved
(d) deprecated – exacerbated
Answer: d

Their bantering talk seemed ____, but in fact it masked an underlying ____ .

(a) hostile – antipathy
(b) amicable – antagonism
(c) jovial – assumptions
(d) exasperating – frustrations
Answer: b

Many so-called social playwrights are distinctly ____ ; rather than allowing the members of the audience to form their own opinions, these writers force a viewpoint on the viewer.

(a) conciliatory
(b) prolific
(c) iconoclastic
(d) didactic
Answer: d

His one vice was gluttony and so it is not surprising that as he aged he became increasingly ____ .

(a) emaciated
(b) despondent
(c) corpulent
(d) carping
Answer: a

Our once thriving High School Nature Club is now ____ ; the progams have had to be cancelled due to lack of support.

(a) defunct
(b) extant
(c) resurgent
(d) burgeoning
Answer: a

Having been chief accountant for so many years, Ms. George felt herself to be ____ and was unwilling to ____ control of the department after the merger.

(a) slighted – truncate
(b) irreplaceable – assume
(c) insubordinate – retain
(d) indispensable – relinquish
Answer: d

Because Elaine’s father was a field entomologist who trekked over the continent studying insect infestations, and insisted on taking his young family with him, Elaine and her brother had a(n) ____ childhood.

(a) idyllic
(b) itinerant
(c) sedentary
(d) propitious
Answer: b

Literary criticism has in recent years become increasingly ____ ; it is almost impossible for the non-literary person to understand its analyses.

(a) abstruse
(b) accessible
(c) colloquial
(d) wide-ranging
Answer: a

Johnson was such an outstanding orator, that his contemporizes were too dazzled by his ____ to question his fundamental philosophy.

(a) persona
(b) guile
(c) enthusiasm
(d) rhetoric
Answer: d

Moths are nocturnal pollinators, visiting scented flower during the hours of darkness, whereas the butterflies are ____ , attracted to bright flowers in the daytime.

(a) diurnal
(b) quotidian
(c) colorful
(d) ephemeral
Answer: a

She was roundly condemned for her ____ ; she betrayed the woman to whom she owed her success.

(a) truculence
(b) perfidy
(c) serendipity
(d) pragmatism
Answer: b

The progress of the disease is ____ ; it spreads stealthily without any symptoms in the early stages.

(a) dramatic
(b) acute
(c) blatant
(d) insidious
Answer: d

Our grandfather was an entertaining ____; he used to ____ us with marvelous anecdotes that we, in our childlike simplicity, accepted unquestioningly.

(a) rascal – bore
(b) orator – intimidate
(c) raconteur – regale
(d) curmudgeon – surprise
Answer: c

The quantum theory was initially regarded as absurd, unnatural and ____ with common sense.

(a) consanguineous
(b) discernible
(c) incompatible
(d) decipherable
Answer: c

Do not be fooled by her ____ manner; her superficial ____ belies her worldliness.

(a) ingenuous – proficiency
(b) worldly – simplicity
(c) unsophisticated – naiveté
(d) gregarious – isolation
Answer: c

The student was extremely foolhardy; he had the ____ to question the senior professor’s judgment.

(a) wisdom
(b) temerity
(c) interest
(d) trepidation
Answer: b

Losing that job was a blessing in disguise because it meant I

(a) got a much better job
(b) Lost my house
(c) Was unemployed for years
(d) None of these
Answer: a

After saying Beverly made too many mistakes, Bob added insult to injury by saying

(a) They were small mistakes
(b) she worked very slowly
(c) Her work was excellent
(d) None of these
Answer: b

In business, it’s often necessary to be quick on the draw, but sometimes it’s better to

(a) think carefully before doing something
(b) Do something faster than others
(c) Be slow to understand what’s happening
(d) None of these
Answer: a

If you read between the lines, you will

(a) know what the writer really thinks
(b) Be able to read a lot quicker
(c) Make up the story for yourself
(d) None of these
Answer: a

It stands to reason that the best way to learn to speak a foreign language is to

(a) read about it
(b) think about it
(c) practice using it
(d) None of these
Answer: c

Her name is mud these days because

(a) she changed it
(b) she didn’t clean up
(c) she was caught cheating
(d) None of these
Answer: c

Her name escaped me just as I was introducing her to other guests. I felt

(a) Embarrassed
(b) very proud
(c) quite angry
(d) None of these
Answer: a

Which of the following might a politician pull out of his bag of tricks during an election campaign?

(a) a pack of cards
(b) a white rabbit
(c) a promise to cut taxes
(d) None of these
Answer: c

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