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Govt finalises preparations to hold special CSS exams by December

Govt finalises preparations to hold special CSS exams by December
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The federal government has finalised preparations to hold the special Central Superior Service (CSS) exams in December this year, according to Geo News.

PM Imran Khan had, on May 4, issued directions for the special CSS exams to be held this year. The Establishment Division sources revealed to Geo News that a summary has been sent to the federal cabinet and the prime minister for approval to hold the exams this December.

The exams will be held for 188 vacancies for Grade 17 officers. These 188 vacancies have not been filled over the past four years.

According to the special quota assigned to residents of Balochistan, 48 seats have been allocated for people from the province. Forty-one seats have been allocated for Sindh’s interior areas and Sindh’s urban areas, 19 seats.

Twenty-two seats have been allocated for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s 22 seats while 16 seats have been allocated for the former FATA and Gilgit-Baltistan areas.

Two seats have been allocated for Azad Kashmir residents and 39 seats have been allocated in accordance with the Punjab minorities quota.

The CSS exams will be held under the administration of the Federal Public Service Commission.

PM Imran Khan approves CSS exams to fill 188 vacancies

Earlier this year, PM Imran Khan had approved the Special CSS exams to fill 188 vacancies. Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Establishment, Shehzad Arbab, had written on Twitter:

“Balochistan 49, Rural Sind 41, Urban Sind 19, KP 22, ex Fata/GB 16 & AJK 2. We truly believe in giving equal opportunities to all federating units.”

While speaking in Geo News programme Capital Talk, Arbab said the exam was likely to be conducted by year-end.

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