Sports MCQs for CSS, PMS, NTS General Knowledge MCQs Paper

Sports Solved MCQs (for CSS, PMS, NTS) General Knowledge Paper
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Important Sports MCQs Fully solved
(for CSS, PMS, NTS) General Knowledge Paper


1         Name the cricket player who has made first double century one day cricket Match?
(a)      Tendulkar (Correct) (b)   Ponting
(c)       Brian Lara                     (d)   Gangually

2         The 2016 Summer Olympics will be held in
(a)      Tokyo
(b)      Chicago
(c)       Madrid
(d)      Rio de Janeiro (Correct)

3         Football World Cup 2010 won by
(a)      France                           (b)   Spain (Correct)
(c)       Netherlands                  (d)   Germany

4         Asia Cricket Cup 2012 won by
(a)      India                               (b)   Bangladesh
(c)      Pakistan (Correct)    (d)   Sri Lanka

5         Cricket World Cup 2011 won by
(a)      India (Correct)            (b)   Bangladesh
(c)       Pakistan                        (d)   Sri Lanka

6         Which country has won first Cricket World Cup?
(a)      Sri Lanka                       (b)   West Indies (Correct)
(c)       Australia                        (d)   Pakistan

7         Where were the 2010 Commonwealth Games held?
(a)      New Zealand               (b)   Scotland
(c)       Kenya                            (d)   India (Correct)

8         Where were the first Commonwealth Games held?
(a)      New Zealand               (b)   Scotland
(c)       Kenya                            (d)   Canada (Correct)

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9         Thomas Cup is associated with
(a)      Badminton (Correct)       (b)                Billiards
(c)       Lawn Tennis                (d)   Table Tennis

10       What is the record of highest team score second in limited over matches made by Sri Lanka?
(a)      424 (b)                           443 (Correct)
(c)       430 (d)                           432

11       Who started the ancient Olympic Games?
(a)      The Egyptians              (b)   The Greeks (Correct)
(c)       The Jews                      (d)   The Romans

12       The Summer Olympic Games are formally held at intervals of
(a)      Two years                     (b)   Three years
(c)      Four years (Correct)        (d)                Five years

13       ‘Davis Cup’ is associated with which of the following games/sports?
(a)      Cricket                           (b)   Volleyball
(c)       Badminton                    (d)   Tennis (Correct)

14       What is the maximum number of players in a team of basketball game?
(a)      4      (b)                           5 (Correct)
(c)       6      (d)                           7

15       First Winter Olympic Games held in
(a)      1912                               (b)   1916
(c)       1920                               (d)   1924 (Correct)

16       How many wickets were taken by Wasim Akram in One day Cricket matches?
(a)      502 (Correct)              (b)   618
(c)       528 (d)                           512

Sports MCQs - World General Knowledge MCQs

18       Which country has won first Champions Trophy of Hockey?
(a)      Sri Lanka                       (b)   West Indies
(c)       Australia                        (d)   Pakistan (Correct)


19       In Hockey how many players each team has?
(a)      10   (b)                           11 (Correct)
(c)       12   (d)                           9

20       How many Football World Cups have been played till 2010?
(a)      10   (b)                           19 (Correct)
(c)       15   (d)                           17

21       When Pakistan won the Cricket World Cup?
(a)      1992 (Correct)            (b)   1996
(c)       1999                               (d)   2003

22       1st Cricket World Cup was played in the years
(a)      1975 (Correct)            (b)   1968
(c)       1979                               (d)   1987

23       Who has taken the highest number of wickets in test cricket?
(a)      Malcolm Marshal
(b)      M.Maralitharan (Correct)
(c)       Waqar Yunus
(d)      Wasim Akram

24       How many balls are used in play in the game of snooker?
(a)      18   (b)                           20
(c)      22 (Correct)                 (d)   24

25       Which country hosted the first Asian Games?
(a)      India (Correct)            (b)   Indonesia
(c)       Iran (d)                           Malaysia

26       “Corbillion Cup” is given in the game of
(a)      Table tennis (Correct)     (b)                Lawn tennis
(c)       Golf                                (d)   Archery

27       In baseball, the two opposing teams consist of:
(a)      10 players each
(b)      9 players each (Correct)
(c)       8 players each
(d)      7 players each

28       Judo is the National game of:
(a)      Japan                             (b)   South Korea
(c)      China (Correct)          (d)   North Korea

29       Asian games are held once in every
(a)      5 years                           (b)   3 years
(c)       1 year                             (d)   4 years (Correct)

30       Which Sri Lankan bowler took a hatric in the World Cup 2003?
(a)      M. Muralidharan
(b)      Chaminda Vaas (Correct)
(c)       Dharam Sena
(d)      Wasim Akram

31       Test Career highest individual score record 400 runs is held by
(a)      ST Jaysuria                  (b)   DG Bradman
(c)       M. Hayden                    (d)   Brain Lara (Correct)

32       Who made the fastest test century just in 56 balls
(a)      V. Richards (Correct)       (b)                Chender Pual
(c)       Shahid Afridi                 (d)   B. Lara

33       Name the cricket player who has made maximum number of centuries test and one day
(a)      Tendulkar (Correct) (b)   Ponting
(c)       Brian Lara                     (d)   Gangually

Sports MCQs - World General Knowledge MCQs

34       Which team won most of the Cricket World Cup?
(a)      West Indies                   (b)   South Africa
(c)      Australia (Correct)    (d)   England

35       Name the bowler who got more than seven hundred wickets in Test Cricket
(a)      M.Maralitharan
(b)      Wasim Akram
(c)       Shane Warne
(d)      Both a and c (Correct)

36       Next Cricket World Cup will be played in
(a)      India                               (b)   Australia
(c)       England                         (d)   b & c (Correct)

37       Cricket is the national game of
(a)      Bangladesh                  (b)   Australia (Correct)
(c)       Pakistan                        (d)   Sri Lanka

38       Who made the fastest century in one day in just 37 balls?
(a)      Brian Lara
(b)      Shahid Afridi (Correct)
(c)       Tendulkar
(d)      Gilchrist

39       Who has taken the highest number of wickets in One-Day International cricket?
(a)      Malcolm Marshal
(b)      M.Maralitharan (Correct)
(c)       Waqar Yunus
(d)      Wasim Akram

40       The weight of the ball used in Test cricket matches is
(a)      4.70 ounces (130 g)
(b)      5.60 ounces (142 g)

(c)      5.25 ounces (149 g) (Correct)
(d)      5.00 ounces (156 g)

41       What is the height of the wickets used in the game of cricket in centimeters?
(a)      66.0 cm                          (b)   68.6 cm
(c)      71.10 cm (Correct)    (d)   73.7 cm

42       What is the height of the wickets used in the game of cricket in inches?
(a)      26 inches                      (b)   27 inches
(c)       28 inches (Correct)     (d)   29 inches

43       Who has made the double century scores in limited over (ODI) match against South Africa?
(a)      Saeed Anwar
(b)      Jayasuriya
(c)      Sachin Tendulkar (Correct)
(d)      De Silva

44       Which of the following World Cup Hockey was won by Pakistan last time?
(a)      2002                               (b)   1994 (Correct)
(c)       1998                               (d)   2006

Sports MCQs - World General Knowledge MCQs

45       Which Hockey team won the maximum numbers of World Cups?
(a)      Australia                        (b)   Germany
(c)       Netherland                    (d)   Pakistan (Correct)

46       What is the duration of one-half of a Hockey match?
(a)      45 min                            (b)   40 min
(c)      35 min (Correct)        (d)   30 min

47       Where was the game of Hockey invented?
(a)      England                         (b)   Iran (Correct)
(c)       Canada                         (d)   Australia

48       How many times Pakistan won the World Hockey Cup?
(a)      4 (Correct)                   (b)   5
(c)       2      (d)                           1

49       When Pakistan won the World Hockey Cup for 4th time?
(a)      1998                               (b)   1994 (Correct)
(c)       1990                               (d)   2002

50       For how many times did Pakistan win Hockey Champions Trophy?
(a)      2      (b)                           3 (Correct)
(c)       4      (d)                           1

51       How many players does a Football team have?
(a)      11 (Correct)                 (b)   12
(c)       13   (d)                           15

52       1st Summer Youth Olympic Games 2010 were held in
(a)      Singapore (Correct) (b)   Paris
(c)       China                             (d)   London

53       On which day were the first modern Olympic declared open at Athens.
(a)      January 16, 1898
(b)      April 6, 1896
(c)      March 18, 1896 (Correct)
(d)      April 20, 1897

54       The first Winter Olympic Games were held at
(a)      Innsbruck (Australia)
(b)      Lake Placid (USA)
(c)      Chamonix (France) (Correct)
(d)      Calgary (Alberta)

55       Which is the country to have won the most Olympic titles?
(a)      China                             (b)   USA (Correct)
(c)       Russia                           (d)   France

56       Olympics are held once in every
(a)      Two years                     (b)   Three years
(c)      Four years (Correct)        (d)               Five years

57       Which country was the host of 29th Olympic 2008?
(a)      China (Correct)          (b)   France
(c)       Russia                           (d)   Norway

58       The background colour of Olympic Flag is
(a)      Yellow                            (b)   White (Correct)
(c)       Light Blue                      (d)   Silver

59       When Pakistan won gold medal for the first time in Olympics?
(a)      1960 (Correct)            (b)   1961
(c)       1962                               (c)   1963

60       The 2012 Olympic Games are scheduled to be held at
(a)      London (Correct)     (b)   Seoul
(c)       Sydney                          (d)   Tokyo

61       R. Federer belongs to
(a)      USA                                (b)   Switzerland (Correct)
(c)       France                           (d)   Austria

62       The name of Steffi Graf is associated with the game of
(a)      Football
(b)      Lawn Tennis (Correct)
(c)       Gymnastics
(d)      Cricket

63       Rafael Nadal is belonged to
(a)      USA                                (b)   Spain (Correct)
(c)       France                           (d)   Austria

64       The Reliance Cup was earlier known as
(a)      Benson and Hedges Cup
(b)      McDowells Challenge Cup
(c)      Prudential Cup (Correct)
(d)      Rothmans Cup

65       Football game also known as?
(a)      Golf                                (b)   Snooker
(c)       Squash                          (d)   Soccer (Correct)

66       Which team has won the Football World Cup most of the times?
(a)      Italy (b)                           France
(c)       Germany                       (d)   Brazil (Correct)

67       Durand Cup is associated with the games of
(a)      Cricket                           (b)   Football (Correct)
(c)       Hockey                          (d)   Volleyball

68       How many times has Brazil won the World Cup Football Championship?
(a)      Four times                     (b)   Twice
(c)      Five times (Correct) (d)   Once

69       What is the duration of football game?
(a)      105 minutes                  (b)   60 minutes
(c)       75 minutes                    (d)   90 minutes (Correct)

70       What is the duration of one-half of a Football match?
(a)      45 min (Correct)        (b)   40 min
(c)       35 min                            (d)   30 min

71       Football World Cup 2010 held in
(a)      France                           (b)   South Africa (Correct)
(c)       Netherlands                  (d)   Germany

72       Who was the first tennis player to win the Grand Slam?
(a)      Don Budge (Correct)       (b)                Alice Marble
(c)       Fred Perry                     (d)   Helen Jacobs

73       The term ‘double fault’ is associated with:
(a)      Baseball                        (b)   Golf
(c)      Tennis (Correct)        (d)   Bridge

74       Davis Cup is a challenge trophy for
(a)      Lawn Tennis (Correct)    (b)                Table Tennis
(c)       Badminton                    (d)   Football

75       The Olympic Capital and headquarters of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is
(a)      Athens
(b)      Lausanne (Switzerland) (Correct)
(c)       London                          (d)   Paris

76       Tiger Woods is associated with which sports?
(a)      Table Tennis                (b)   Tennis
(c)      Golf (Correct)             (d)   Boxing

77       Modern Olympics was revived by
(a)      A Dutch nobleman
(b)      A Greek nobleman
(c)      A French nobleman (Correct)
(d)      A German philosopher

78       Who is said to be the father of Modern Olympics?
(a)      Robert Dover
(b)      Pierre de Coubertin (Correct)
(c)       Theodosius
(d)      Ernest Curtis

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