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Success Story of Hamza Malik (CSP Officer) Which Motivates the CSS Aspirants

Success Story of Hamza Malik (CSP Officer) Which Motivates the CSS Aspirants
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In present times where a significant well off youngsters cash their precious time in self-indulgence, there is an existing underprivileged group of students who with their iron willpower are breaking all stereotypes to reach golden heights in their career.

Story of Hamza Malik CSP Officer Which Motivates the CSS Aspirants

To qualify Central superior service (CSS) exam and serve as a civil servant in Pakistan had always been a passion and ideal job for me. In Pakistan every year thousands of aspirants take this exam but unfortunately many fail. For me the journey had been tough but with the will of Allah and self-determination ultimately after 2 years of constant struggle I managed to pass this prestigious exam and got allocated in Military Lands and Cantonment Group (MLCG).

Hamza Malik CSP Best CSS Academy in Lahore

I did my F.SC from Garrison Cadet College Kohat (GCCK). After that I did B.SC engineering in Materials science and engineering from Institute of Space Technology Islamabad in 2016. During my engineering, I started preparing for CSS exam.

The most difficult papers to pass in CSS exam are of English essay and composition paper. With these two major hurdles, the other 10 subjects that were to be prepared were also proving to be an arduous task.

In order to tackle this difficulty I made a planned daily routine. I considered myself working in an office from 8 in the morning to 5 in the evening and my task was to read newspaper, compulsory subjects and related research articles. Along with this, another constant thing in my routine was to watch related YouTube videos. In addition to this, documentaries of Al Jazeera channel and BBC were also in my things to do list.

I will advise aspirants here to build a diverse opinion on every topic, this will not only help them in creating a balanced approach but it will also fetch them good marks. Another trend which has developed over time is the scoring trend in the optional subjects.

Here aspirants need to keep in mind that not every subject they select will give them a good score. So, a balanced approach should be adopted here.

Aspirants should work hard on MCQs, as they account for 220 marks in the total marks. This will compensate for any deficiency in any subject.

With all this, I also used to study Project syndicate which helped me a lot in my exams. It gives a detailed insight into the current global issues and it also tells a lot about the current political and economic trends.

A book or magazine becomes a must-read if you don’t study it – you will lose marks or fail to get the selection. HSM CSS TIMES is extremely popular e magazine among Civil Service aspirants. In fact, in many parts of the country many candidates find it essential due to its coverage of national as well as international developments. The magazine also has a dedicated section where it covers interviews of previous Civil Service candidates while publishing success stories of several Civil Service toppers along with their method of preparation, which often prove useful for future aspirants.

Subjects like General Science and Ability and Islamiat, aspirants can score good marks if proper work is done. Aspirants should make handouts of important verses and hadiths, they should also try to memorize them by heart. Quoting these verses in the paper will definitely create a difference and add to marks in total. CSS is a life style. When I decided to take an attempt, I made it sure that I should be working on improving my knowledge. Being an engineering student, it was very difficult for me to learn and excel in social sciences. It was a whole new experience; I was learning new things about the world around me. Overtime I developed interest in these subjects and started to read from myriad of sources. All of this, if improvised in a proper manner, can fulfill the dream of aspirants of becoming a CSP.

In the end I would say this to all the aspirants that be persistent, optimistic and hardworking in achieving your goal. These traits have a great ability in order to change the personality of an aspirant.

Hamza Malik CSP Delivering Lecture in Best CSS Academy in Lahore

I wish the best of luck to all of you in your future endeavors

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