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Survival of Pakistan without U.S. Aid should be our first priority

Survival of Pakistan without US Aid
Written by Ghulam Zainab

The topic under discussion is very critical, sensitive as well as having enormous importance. If the opinion of world is taken, it is very discouraging and pinching because most of the European countries rather most of the countries of the world have the conception that Pakistan is corrupt country and if she is not provided with external aid, she will collapse. Even the Americans think that Pakistan is massively dependent on them because of this imperialistic thinking America has left no stone unturned ever in maltreating and threatening Pakistan even in critical and sensitive circumstances. Same is the case with India although Indians are our neighbor yet they have always been showing enmity against Pakistan. From the inception of Pakistan they have always chalked out evil designs to harm Pakistan. The Indians reckon that Pakistan will become bankrupt and soon it will collapse but it has never happened Pakistan has survived and it will still survive.

Pakistani people chiefly the tribesmen have been victim of vicious and malignant policies of Trump. Predominantly the drone attacks which killed thousands of innocent people are worth mentioning. Moreover, they have suffered due to their failure to control terrorists and terrorists’ activities in Afghanistan from massacring civilians. Trump added fuel to fire on the emotions of Pakistan by imploring India to assist crush the Afghans!

The relations between two countries are passing from tumultuous stage and eventually the slogan of DO MORE from America led to fragile relations. Trumps allegations against Pakistan, of providing safe havens to the terrorists has infuriated Pakistan, in reply Pakistan raised slogan of NO MORE and America ceased to provide aid to Pakistan. Now the point to ponder, “Can Pakistan survive without US Aid?” the answer is quite crystal clear. Yes, Pakistan can survive and survival of Pakistan without US Aid should be our first priority whether we have to eat grass for our survival.

There may be a damaging impact on economy of Pakistan because the massive influence of America on IMF Bank, World Bank and other organizations is not supportive for Pakistan. We need to establish cordial relations with china, KSA, Turkey, Russia and Iran. The CPEC project will bring prosperity in the country. We are not alienated diplomatically.

Simultaneously, Russian’s inclination and growing interest in making the ties better with Pakistan is a good signal that in future Pakistan can befriend Russia defensively and in strategic relations. Though the recent rapprochement between Pakistan and Russia is in its infancy and china is filling the gap left by United States. The deal of energy and growing military cooperation will spark life between Pakistan Russia relations.

America always used Pakistan for her own benefits. She befriended Pakistan whenever there was the matter of her own interest but once she grinded her own axes, she alienated Pakistan and left Pakistan in shambles. If we have a bird eye view in history, after 9/11 incident, America demanded Pakistan to take risky steps just for the sake of American interest and in this way America threw Pakistan in war against terrorism. In this war 8000 of our brave soldiers laid down their lives but in spite of that we failed to delight America and America kept on demanding DOING MORE neglecting our own interests. Now even America is threatening Pakistan.

Russia has also offered counter terrorism equipments to Pakistan and cooperation in fighting against terrorism and extremism. Russia is a former super power and currently a world power as a permanent member of United Nation Security Council having Veto Power. Consequently, Pakistan needs strong ties with Russia when US seems to be inclined towards India.

In nutshell, it can be said emphatically and categorically that the time has come when Pakistan should formulate her foreign policy according to her own interest as America always does. There is no doubt about the fact that Pakistan can survive and will survive very properly without the aid given by America. It is high time that Pakistan should throw all the crutches given to her by America. We are an independent country and we will never let America to interfere and harm our national solidarity. History is an eyewitness that our friendship with America can never be fruitful for us. Instead of bending towards America, we should have other trustable friends who will manage to support us in the time of crises. Being an autonomous country, we should make it clear to the Americans if they ever imagined trying to harm the solidarity of our country, we will make America another Vietnam and American soldiers will have to beg and implore in the same way as they did in Vietnam. So it is the best thing for America that she should never ever try to underestimate Pakistan.

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Ghulam Zainab

The authoress is teacher and a content writer. She got degree in MA English literature and have attempted CSS written examination

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