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World General Knowledge

Fathers of the Different Fields | World General Knowledge

Fathers of the Different Fields World General Knowledge
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World General Knowledge | Fathers of the Different Fields

Father of International Relations
?   Woodrow Wilson

Father of Nuclear Physics
?   Ernest Rutherford

Father of Pakistan Air Force
?   Air Chief Marshal M. Asghar Khan

Father of modern tourism
?   Thomas Cook

Father of the French Revolution
?   Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Father of Modern Medicine
?   Avicenna (Abu Ali Sina)

Father of History
?   Herodotus

Father of Concept of momentum
?   Avicenna (Abu Ali Sina)

Father of Medicine
?   Hippocrates

Father of Economics
?   Adam Smith

Father of English Poetry
?   Geoffrey Chaucer

Father of Chemistry
?   Jabir Bin Hayan

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Father of anthropology
?   Abu Reyhan Biruni

Father of Geodesy
?   Abu Reyhan Biruni

Father of Indology
?   Abu Reyhan Biruni

Father of Modern surgery
?   Abu AlQasim Al Zaharwi

Father of Optics
?   Ibn Al Haytham | World General Knowledge

Father of Trigonometry
?   Abu Wafa Buzjani

Father of demography
?   Ibn Khaldun

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Father of historiography
?   Ibn Khaldun

Father of philosophy of history
?   Ibn Khaldun

Father of sociology
?   Ibn Khaldun

Father of algebra
?   Al-Khwarizmi

Father of algorithm
?   Al-Khwarizmi

Father of Genetics
?   Gregory Mendel

Father of botany
?   Theophrastus

Father of Modern Chemistry
?   Joseph Priestley

Father of Biology
?   Aristotle

Father of modern Astronomy | | World General Knowledge
?   Nicolas Copernicus

Father of Geometry
?   Euclid

Father of Classical mechanics
?   Isaac Newton

Father of Computer
?   Charles Babbage

Father of Homeopathy
?   Heinemann

Father of Modern Physics
?   Galileo Galilei

Father of Nuclear Science
?   Marie Curie

Father of Periodic Table
?   Dmitri Mendeleev

Father of Quantum Mechanics
?   Max Planck

Father of Relativity Theory
?   Albert Einstein

Father of Robotics
?   Al-Jazari

Father of modern Psychiatry and Psychology
?   Sigmund Freud

Father of Zoology
?   Aristotle

Father of Physical Chemistry
?   Arrhenius

Father of modern Geology
?   James Hutton

Father of Comedy
?   Aristophanes’

Father of Modern Olympics
?   Pierre de Coubertin

Father of the Indian Constitution
?   B. R. Ambedkar

Father of Modern Education
?   Comenius | World General Knowledge

Father of Russian Revolution
?   Lenin

Father of Science Fiction
?   Jules Verne

Father of utilitarianism Theory
?   Jermy Bentham

Founder of Intelligence Test
?   Binet

Founder of Facebook
?   Mark Zuckerberg

Father of International law
?   Hugo Grotius

Founder of Sikhism (Religion)
?   Guru Nanak

Father of Marxism
?   Karl Marx

Founder of Scientific Socialism
?   Karl Marx

Father of Steam Locomotive
?   Stephenson

Founder of Unionist Party
?   Sir Fazal Hussain

Father of Hydrogen Bomb
?   Edward Teller

Father of the (Soviet) Hydrogen Bomb
?   Andrei D. Sakharov

Father of Academy Award (Oscar Award)
?   Louis B Mayer

Founder of Republican Party of USA
?   Alexander Hamilton

Founder of Laws of Heredity
?   Mendel

Founder of Quantum Theory
?   Planck Newton.

Founder of Artificial Splitting of Atoms
?   Fermi

Founder of Psycho-Analysis
?   Freud

Founder of laws of Motion
?   Isaac Newton

Founder of Laws of Gravitation
?   Isaac Newton

Founder of Biochemistry
?   Jan Baptista Van Helmont

Founder of Electrical Waves
?   Hertz

Founder of Law of Gases
?   Gay Lussac | World General Knowledge

Godfather of Broadband
?   Sir Charles Kuen Kao

Father of Fibre Optics
?   Sir Charles Kuen Kao

Father of Wikipedia
?   Jimmy Wales

Father of Wikileaks
?   Julian Assange

Father of Fiber Optic Communications
?   Sir Charles Kuen Kao

Father of Indian Unrest
?   Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Father of Indian Politics and Economics
?   Dadabhai Naoroji

Father of Indian Cinema.
?   Dadasaheb Phalke

Father of the Novel
?   Giovanni Baccaccio

Father of Modern Drama
?   Henrik J. Ibsen

Father of Indian Renaissance
?   Raja Rammohan Roy

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