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World Geography MCQs (for CSS, PMS, NTS) GK Paper | (Part-2)

World Geography MCQs (for CSS, PMS, NTS) GK Paper
Written by CSS Times

World Geography MCQs

for General Knowledge MCQs Papers

Yellow Sea lies between:
(a)    China and Japan
(b)    Egypt and Saudi Arabia
(c)    Singapore and Sri Lanka
(d)    Australia and New Zealand

Bonn is situated on bank of river
(a)    Delaware River      (b)  Elbe River
(c)    Rhine River          (d)  None of these

Khartoum is situated on bank of river
(a)    Delaware River
(b)    Rhine River
(c)    Nile River        (d)  None of these

Which one of the following four agricultural resources by way of crops cultivated by man does not belong to the group comprising the remaining three?
(a)    Coffee    (b)  Fruits
(c)    Sugarcane              (d)  None of these

Which types of forest mostly grow in the below of land lying between 50° N and 70° N?
(a)    Temperate deciduous forests
(b)    Tropical evergreen forests
(c)    Temperate coniferous forests
(d)    None of these

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Which crop is affected by the disease called blast?
(a)    Rice                 (b)  Wheat
(c)    Sugarcane              (d)  None of these

A strait which separates Greenland from Baffin islands
(a)    Gibraltar Strait       (b)  Florida Strait
(c)    Davis Strait       (d)  Dover Strait

What are the two Seas linked by Suez Canal?
(a)    The Mediterranean and the Red Sea
(b)    The Red Sea and the Caspian
(c)    The Red Sea and the Black Sea
(d)    The Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea

Of the total water on the earth, fresh water reserves constitute approximately
(a)    1.2%                      (b)  2.7%
(c)    4.5%                      (d)  5.8%

The deepest place in the Indian Ocean is:
(a)    Vostok
(b)    Sunda Trench
(c)    Isle Trench

What is the source of Yellow River?
(a)    Mt. of China Kunlan
(b)    Mt. Everest
(c)    Victoria Lake

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Paris is situated on bank of river
(a)    Seine River       (b)  Spree River
(c)    Rhine River           (d)  None of these

Strait of Bosphorous connects
(a)    Black sea and red sea
(b)    Black sea and Baltic Sea

(c)    Black sea and Sea of Marmara
(d)    None of these

Victoria is the name of waterfall where is it situated?
(a)    Norway                  (b)  Philippines
(c)    Zimbabwe         (d)  Venezuela

Which of the following practices of cultivation can be referred to as crop rotation?
(a)    Different crops in different seasons
(b)    Different crops in the same season
(c)    The same crop in different seasons
(d)    None of these

Which one of the following is known as the “Coffee Port” of the world?
(a)    Sao Paulo               (b)  Santos
(c)    Rio de Janeiro        (d)  Buenos Aires

The deepest point in the ocean is
(a)    Mariana trench (Pacific )
(b)    Galatea deep
(c)    Bartholomew deep
(d)    Mindanao deep

Which is the deepest Ocean in the world?
(a)    Arctic                     (b)  Atlantic
(c)    Pacific              (d)  Indian

Brussels is situated on bank of river
(a)    Senno River       (b)  Sumida River
(c)    Indus River            (d)  None of these

Lahore is situated on bank of river
(a)    Ravi River         (b)  Nile River
(c)    Elbe River              (d)  None of these

Rotterdam is the seaport of
(a)    Germany                (b)  France
(c)    Netherlands       (d)  Italy

A narrow strip of water separating two landmarks and connecting two big seas is called
(a)    Strait                  (b)  Bay
(c)    Peninsula               (d)  Gulf

The length of the Suez Canal is approximately
(a)    110 km                  (b)  150 km
(c)    170 km              (d)  125 km

Which of the following countries is the leading producer of wheat?
(a)    USA                       (b)  Argentina
(c)    China                 (d)  Cuba

Which of the following countries is the leading producer of cotton?
(a)    Australia                (b)  Argentina
(c)    China                (d)  Cuba

Erie Canal is situated in
(a)    France                    (b)  Australia
(c)    USA                    (d)  Canada

What body of water connects the Bosporus Strait with the Black Sea?
(a)    Sea of Marmara
(b)    Aegean Sea
(c)    Robeson Channel
(d)    Mediterranean Sea

Which one of the following fertilizers contains a high percentage of nitrogen?
(a)    Urea
(b)    Ammonium nitrate
(c)    Calcium nitrate Ammonium
(d)    None of these

Which of the following is the correct group of Kharif Crops?
(a)    Rice, Millet, Maize, Cotton
(b)    Jowar, Bajra, Rice, Cotton, Jute, Gram
(c)    Groundnut, Bajra, Barley, Sorghum, Wheat
(d)    None of these

Which country tops in the production of coconut in the world?
(a)    Bangladesh            (b)  Sri Lanka
(c)    Philippines             (d)  Indonesia

Which country in the world is leading in jute production?
(a)    Brazil                     (b)  India
(c)    Thailand                (d)  None of these

Cocoa is a tropical plant and requires heat and moisture. Which of the following countries is leading in cocoa production in the world?
(a)    Brazil                     (b)  Nigeria
(c)    Ghana                    (d)  Ivory Coast

Wheat being a plant of temperate zone grows well on plains away from sea and having moderately dry climate. World’s maximum production of wheat is obtained from
(a)    Australia                (b)  China
(c)    Canada                  (d)  Russia

The river Volga pours its water into the
(a)    Black Sea               (b)  Caspian Sea
(c)    Baltic Sea               (d)  Arabian Sea

Which country leads in production of barley among the following?
(a)    China                     (b)  India
(c)    USA                       (d)  Canada

Groundnut crop is the monopoly of
(a)    Indonesia               (b)  Bangladesh
(c)    Pakistan                 (d)  India

The largest producer of Nuclear energy in the world is ________.
(a)    US                    (b)  UK
(c)    Russia                    (d)  India

Which form of iron has got the highest carbon content?
(a)    Mild Steel              (b)  Stainless Steel
(c)    Wrought Iron         (d)  Cast Iron

Which of the following is the largest producer of copper?
(a)    Ghana                    (b)  Malaysia
(c)    Australia                (d)  Chile

Which country is the largest oil producer in the world?
(a)    Kuwait                   (b)  U.S.A.
(c)    Russia                    (d)  Saudi Arabia

Nurek Dam is located in
(a)    Tajikistan           (b)  Iran
(c)    Turkey                   (d)  USA

Besides tobacco, tea and cotton, which is the other agricultural produce of China?
(a)    Maize                     (b)  Rice
(c)    Soybean                 (d)  Millets

Among the world’s largest cotton growing countries. Pakistan stands at number
(a)    Three                     (b)  Four
(c)    Six (d)                    Eight

Which of the following countries is known as Sugar bowl?
(a)    USA                    (b)  Argentina
(c)    China                     (d)  Cuba

Tobacco, a product of high commercial value these days and which grows under a wide range of climates, is a major plantation of
(a)  India                                  (b)  China
(c)  USA                  (d)  Pakistan

Copper may be found native, that is, in its pure state, but is more often found in chemical combinations with
(a)    Iron, gold and silver
(b)    Gold, silver and lead
(c)    Iron, lead and sulphur

(d)    All of the above minerals

Which is the longest river in the world?
(a)    Nile                     (b)  Amazon
(c)    Volga                     (d)  Mississippi

The rivers Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Beas, and Sutlej are tributaries of which river?
(a)    Ganga                    (b)  Indus
(c)    Yamuna                 (d)  Brahmaputra

The low heating capacity of which of the types of coal reduces its value as an industrial fuel?
(a)    Anthracite              (b) Bituminous coal
(c)    Lignite                   (d)  Peat

The leading producer of silver is
(a)    U.S.A.                    (b)  Russia
(c)    Mexico               (d)  South Africa

The highest grade of coal whose surface is shining and has the highest calorific value, is
(a)    Lignite                   (b)  Peat
(c)    Bituminous            (d)  Anthracite

India is the world’s largest producer of
(a)    Iron ore                  (b)  Coal
(c)    Mica                   (d)  Copper

Which country is the biggest producer of mercury in the world?
(a)    Mexico                  (b)  Canada
(c)    Italy                   (d)  Germany

With which of the following items is Kimberley associated?
(a)    Diamonds           (b)  Silver
(c)    Perfumes               (d)  Cereals

In which country are diamonds abundantly found?
(a)    Canada                  (b)  Russia
(c)    South Africa      (d)  Australia

The ‘Great Rift Valley’ in Africa is famous for
(a)    Gemstones             (b)  Iron
(c)    Copper                   (d)  All of the above

Which of the following countries is the leading producer of rice?
(a)    Australia                (b)  Argentina
(c)    China                 (d)  Cuba

Which of the following countries has highest percentage of land under cultivation?
(a)    U.S.A.                    (b)  India
(c)    China                     (d)  Canada

Which of the following countries is the leading exporter of wheat?
(a)    USA                    (b)  Argentina
(c)    China                     (d)  Cuba

Simpson desert is present in
(a)    USA                       (b)  UK
(c)    Morocco                (d)  Australia

Iberian peninsula is a part of
(a)    Asia                       (b)  Africa
(c)    Europe               (d)  None of these

Bali is an Island of
(a)    Indonesia           (b)  Malaysia
(c)    Australia                (d)  None of these | World Geography MCQs

What is the rank of Thar Desert in the world according to area wise?
(a)    8th                      (b) 9th
(c)    10th                       (d)  11th | World Geography MCQs

“Dasht-e-Lut” desert is located in:
(a)    China                     (b)  Libya
(c)    Turkmenistan         (d)  Iran

Death Valley is located in USA in
(a)    Michigan                (b)  California
(c)    Alaska                   (d)  New York | World Geography MCQs

The largest producer of coffee in the world is
(a)    Brazil                 (b)  Sri Lanka
(c)    Pakistan                 (d)  None of these | World Geography MCQs

The country which leads in the production of rubber is:
(a)    Thailand             (b)  Indonesia
(c)    Malaysia                (d)  None of these | World Geography MCQs

Which is the third largest island of the world?
(a)    Honshu                  (b)  Baffin
(c)    Borneo Island    (d)  None of these | World Geography MCQs

McKinley Mountains are present in
(a)    China                     (b)  Alaska
(c)    Nepal                     (d)  Morocco

Second largest uranium producer is a Muslim country
(a)    Tajikistan               (b)  Kazakhstan
(c)    Sudan                    (d)  Nigeria | World Geography MCQs

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