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100 Most Important Questions for Education Lecturer

100 Most Important Questions for Education Lecturer
Written by CSS Times

Who was Plato’s famous Greek mentor? Socrates

Who was Aristotle’s famous Greek mentor? Plato

X’ and Theory Y are theories of human motivation and management.

Theory X and Theory Y were created and developed by Douglas McGregor in the 1960s.

Tyler’s curriculum model was given in 1949

McGregor terms the two models as ‘Theory X’, which stresses the importance of strict supervision and external rewards and penalties; and ‘Theory Y’, which highlights the motivating role of job satisfaction and allows scope for workers to approach tasks creatively.

Theory X considers that on the whole, workers dislike their work, and have little inherent motivation to perform well.

Theory Y is based on the belief that, given appropriate working conditions, most people perform well.

The Pakistan National Policy for the Education and Rehabilitation of the Disabled was formulated in 1985. The government of Pakistan approved this policy in October, 2002.

Samuel Kirk coined the term “learning disability”

The construction of reality in the child is written by Jean Piaget

Micro teaching started in which year? 1960

Pakistan achieved independence from over a century of British colonial rule in August 1947 and at the time of independence, 85 percent of the population of Pakistan was illiterate

A National Education Conference was convened in 1947, which recommended that universal primary education should be achieved within a period of 20 years.

Which German scholar is considered the ‘founding father’ of social pedagogy? Karl Mager

Progressive education is a pedagogical movement. Who was the founder of this movement? W. D. Boyce

Which Brazilian educator is considered the ‘founding father’ of critical pedagogy? Paulo Freire

Psychological foundations of curriculum help curriculum developers to understand the nature of? Learners

The way of judging how well student is doing by looking at his work during educational process is? Evaluation

The construction, administration and scoring of tests as the measurement process, interpreting such scores saying whether they are good or bad for a specific purpose is evolution. This was stated by? Stanley and Hopkins

Assessment and evaluation are? Continuous process

Which one is the process of finding the value of something? Evaluation

Educational measurement refers to any device for the general study and practice of testing, scaling and appraising the outcomes of? Educational process

The allocation of scores to the results of instruction and/or learning at school is called? Educational measurement

The difference between a speed test and a power test has to do with? The time limit allotted for completion of the items

The learning method that is associated with observing of behavior of other is called? Learning by Limitation

The concept of educating child on the basis of his interest and inclination is called? Psycho base

Results of analog computers are reliable? Less

Charts, maps, and drawings that are copied on sheets of acetate are called? Transparencies

Visual aids should be used? To add new information

A visual aid with the main points from a speech outline a? Briefing chart

A small recreation of an electric vehicle would be an example of a? Model

The number of peripherals attached to a computer is greater that all of the other computers? Super Computer

Mainframe and Minicomputer can process data at the speed of several? TIPs

Computer which are made of integrated circuits? digital

Question that consists of two or more questions joined together is called a double-barreled question

Open-ended questions provide primarily qualitative data

A question during an interview such as “why do you feel that way?” is known as a probe

The speed of analog computer is than digital computer? Faster

Curriculum play a vital role in attaining the aims and objectives of education:-

Curriculum in its broadest sense, includes the complete school environment, involving all the course, activities, reading and associations, furnished to the pupils in school:-

Syllabus is a list of topics of a subject that is prepared for? Public examination, fulfillment of national objectives & National education program

It is appropriate for a speaker to employ a visual aid? when it makes the speech more interesting

Listing main ideas on a poster is an illustration of which type of visual aid? Word or text chart

Line, bar, and pie charts and tables are all considered to be? Graphs

A quick, efficient way of gathering information from a large number of employees is experiment

The most popular form of interview is? The unstructured interview

According to Plato, how goodness is apprehended? By reason

Where do the forms exit, according to Plato? In our mind, as ideas

How the forms and apprehended, according to Plato? By reason

Plato was born in 427 BC and died at the age of? 80

Plato was a? Idealist

High technical quality is assured in? Standardized tests

Direction for administering and scoring are so precisely stated in? Standardized tests

Norm are based on national samples of students in the grades in? Standardized tests

Standardized tests are Inflexible in nature

National education assessment system (NEAS) has been established under ministry of education? Sector reform action plan

PISA test assesses students’ skills of? Knowledge, comprehension, application

PEC stands for? Punjab Examination commission

Punjab examination commission is an autonomous body responsible for conducting examinations for? Grade 5 & grade 8

Models Can be used when the original article is large and unmanageable or simply not available:

Control group is a characteristic of? Experimental Research

Data is collected through questionnaire, interview or observation in? Descriptive Research

Scale model, physical objects, drawings, and people are all considered to be? Visual aids

The sampling in which group rather than individuals are selected is? Cluster sampling

The sampling in which individuals are selected from a list at specific interval/sequence is? Systematic Sampling

Physical growth is a affected by? Biological factors & Environmental factor

Educational Psychology, is the Applied branch of psychology:-

The discipline of psychology started in? Eighteenth century

The degree to which equally competent scorers obtain the same results in a test in called? Objectivity

What is a hypothesis? Prediction of a relationship between certain variable

Chalkboards, porcelain boards, feltboards, and magnetic boards are examples of? Demonstration boards

The social media is? Facebook

Management may be classified in 3 levels:-

The lowest level of management includes? Supervisors

Top level management require conceptual skills

How many functions of management is presented in the word POSDCORB? 7

Motivation driven by an interest or enjoyment in the task itself: Intrinsic motivation

The existentialist teacher is most likely to view teaching as? A performance that evokes student insight or learning

The branch of philosophy that deals with the nature, origin and scope of knowledge is? Epistemology

Axiology deals with the philosophical problems and? Values

There are two theories of leadership, trait & Behavioral theory

Intelligence test measure? Academic potential

Who was the first to measure human intelligence? Binet

Mental age of child is a measure of? Level of mental maturity

Who believes experimental knowledge, is real? Progressivism

Gestalt means? Shape

Kimiya-i-saadat was written by Amam Ghazaali

The research concerned with development of theories is called? Basic Research

The research concerned with the use of testing of theories is? Applied Research

The research involved in explaining events of the past? Action Research

Data arranged in groups or classes is called? grouped data

The number obtained by dividing the sum of the scores by their number is called? Mean

Reality does not exist in this world is said by? Plato

Who is the father of religious existentialism? Soren Kierkegaard

Plato wrote the famous book? The republic

The concept of free education was given by? Karl Marx

Summative evaluation takes place? At the end

Which education policy suggested to give equal weight to general science and technical education? 1972
In planning and implementing curricula school makes its selection from? Culture

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