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5 Key Features to Start CSS Preparation – by: Dr Hina Sikander (CSS Officer)

5 Key Features to Start CSS Preparation

I get this message on daily basis so I thought, for my own convenience lol, I should put it up here, also for everyone to see and share with the ones who need it.

1. Know CSS Syllabus

Go to the FPSC website and have a look at the list of subjects. Compulsory and Optional. Optionals are divided in different groups and you have to select one out of any 6.

2. Optional Subject Selection

If you are having TROUBLE SELECTING THE OPTIONALS, open another tab and look at the syllabus of subjects. Shortlist the ones which interest you! Then ask someone who is familiar with scoring trends of subjects in CSS (mostly academy teachers, not me, I have zero idea about it).

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3. Finalising Subjects

Once you’re done with your subject selection, make a LIST OF FINALISED SUBJECTS and paste them in front of the study table!

4.  Newspaper Reading

Instil into yourself the habit of READING NEWSPAPER. Dawn is recommended. Not cover to cover, just the editorial portion. Try to build your opinions while reading about an issue/topic.

5. English Practice

If you need to IMPROVE your ENGLISH vocabulary/written expression, use newspaper for that too. Learn at least a few chunky words you come across daily and memorise them. Moreover, study how columnists write about issues; introduction, body, conclusion, analysis. Try to copy that! And after reading an article, write down the summary of it in 1/3rd of its size. This is exactly what precis is. Daily 15 minutes practice would help you!

Since not everything can be written under one article, I shall be covering this topic in next few posts. Stay tuned.

Also, if you have any CSS related questions, post them in the comments of this post, and I shall try to address them separately.

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