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CSS Essay Outline: Global Warming: its Causes and Consequences

CSS Essay Outline: Global Warning: its Causes and Consequences

CSS Essay Outline
Global Warming: its Causes and Consequences

By: Mureed Hussain Jasra (CSP)

Introduction (Universal Heading)

1. Emergence of Industrial Revolution
2. What is global warming?
3. A real threat for life existence

Causes of Global Warning (Primary Heading)

1. Concentration of carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide
2. Excessive use of insecticide, lubricants and fertilizers
3. Nuclear radiation
4. Deforestation
5. Burning of fossils fuel
6. Chlorofluoro carbon and depletion of ozone layer
7. Explosion of population

Threats due to Global Warming (Primary Heading)

1. Severe floods
2. Melting of polar ice, glaciers and ice-sheets of green land
3. Rising of sea level
4. Catastrophic rains
5. Severe hurricanes
6. Frequent natural disasters
7. Disasters’ impact on marine life
8. Encroachment of coastal areas
9. Ozone depletion
10. Disappearance of species
11. Mass migration of people
12. Loss of economy
13. Loss of biodiversity
14. Increase in range of diseases
15. Decline in agricultural production

Measurements to Counter Global Warning (Secondary Heading)

1. Mass level of plantation
2. Use of renewable energy
3. Energy conservation
4. Reduction of greenhouse gases
5. Saline resistant crops
6. Forest planning
7. Technology transfer

Conclusion (Universal Heading)

About the author

Mureed Hussain Jasra (CSP)

Mr. Mureed Hussain Jasra boasts of a diverse professional background. Being a Civil Servant, he has served at important positions in the Federal Secretariat and autonomous bodies dealing with the important policy level matters. Prior to joining Civil Service of Pakistan, he served as a lecturer of English in the Federal Government of Pakistan and won accolades in academic circles and intelligentsia for his professional commitment and devotion to work.
Mureed Hussain Jasra's current fame among the CSS aspirants owes to his stellar success as being the most towering CSS coaching teacher and mentor. Under his careful mentorship, many young men and women have won distinctions in the CSS/PMS competitive examinations and are now serving the nation in different capacities. He regards teaching as the singular driving passion of his life and has founded Civil Services Preparatory School for the young aspirants.
Mr. Jasra is an avid reader of books and loves debate on history, culture, literature and governance. He is Masters in English Literature.

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