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If you are interested in knowing

  1. How to start CSS preparation?
  2. How to make notes?
  3. How to pick optional subjects?
  4. How to Manage time?

Other answers to other similar questions then we got you covered. Here are free courses for you:

CSS online Nearpeer


CSS Nearpeer


How Will You Learn?

Engaging Video Lectures:

Get CSS online Video lectures for compulsory and optional courses. These courses are prepared by top-rated instructors like Sir Abrar, Sir Awaid, Sir Zohaib, and Sir Murtaza. These video lectures come with CSS concepts and Past Paper solutions.

Online MPT (Screening Test) quizzes:

Not only that, you can practice 10,000+ MPT screening test quizzes. These quizzes contain MCQs from Past papers as well.

Online Mock Exams and  Tests:

You also get an opportunity to appear in the grand mock exam series and test session series of CSS online. You don't have to travel anywhere for your mock exams anymore.

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