July 2022

Daily Top-10 Current Affairs MCQs / News (July 15, 2022) for CSS, PMS

6. Italian premier quits after ally ditches govt, but president asks him to stay on

• The Italian head of state rejected the resignation of Prime Minister Mario Draghi on July 14, 2022 and asked him to address parliament to get a clear picture of the political situation.
• Draghi had tendered his resignation after the 5-Star Movement, a party in his ruling coalition, did not take part in a confidence vote in the government.
• The confidence vote had become a focal point for tensions within Draghi`s government as its parties prepare to fight each other in a national election due by early 2023.
• The decision by the 5-Star party to boycott the confidence vote on Thursday triggered the sequence of events that prompted the 74-year-old Draghi to say he would quit

7. US vows to use all means to stop Iran N-bomb in Israel pact

• The US and Israel signed a new security pact on July 14, 2022 reinforcing their common front against Iran, as President Joe Biden pledged to use `all` American power to stop the Islamic republic from acquiring nuclear weapons.
• The declaration was inked by Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid and Biden, who was making his first trip to the Middle East as president.
• It commits the United States to `never to allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon` stating that it `is prepared to use all elements of its national power to ensure that outcome`

8. Spain advances bill to honour dictatorship victims

• Spanish lawmakers on July 14, 2022 gave the first stamp of approval to a bill which seeks to rehabilitate the memory of leftwing victims of Spain`s 1936-39 civil war and Francisco Franco`s dictatorship.
• The proposed law threatens to fuel tensions in a nation where public opinion is still divided over the legacy of the dictatorship that ended with Franco`s death in 1975.
• Franco assumed power after the civil war in which his Nationalists defeated Republicans, leaving the country in ruins and mourning hundreds of thousands of dead

9. Defence bill limits US role in S. Arabia and Afghanistan

• The US Congress passed the national defence bill for 2023 this week that will effectively end the delivery of US humanitarian aid and currency to Afghanistan using Defence Department resources.
• It also closes the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and limits the use of US weapons in Yemen. The House Appropriations Committee approved the fiscal year 2023 defence bill earlier this week on a 32-26 vote.
• The bill provides total funding of $761.681 billion, an increase of $32.207 billion above 2022

10. Rajapaksa`s resignation `finally received`

• Sri Lanka`s president submitted his resignation shortly after reaching Singapore on July 14, 2022, the parliamentary speaker`s office said, days after the head of state fled protests triggered by his country`s worst-ever economic crisis.
• Gotabaya Rajapaksa`s emailed resignation would be examined before a formal announcement expected on Friday is made, the speaker`s spokesman Indunil Yapa said.
• Rajapaksa fled Sri Lanka on Wednesday, after protesters overran his palace on the weekend, heading first to the Maldives and then Singapore

Daily Top-10 Current Affairs MCQs / News (July 15, 2022) for CSS, PMS

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