November 2022

Daily Top-10 Current Affairs MCQs / News (November 03, 2022) for CSS, PMS

6. Can put headscarf reform to vote: Erdogan

• Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on November 2, 2022 his ruling AK Party (AKP) could put a constitutional amendment protecting women`s right to wear headscarves to a referendum if it was not passed by parliament.
• The AKP was set to present the reform to parliament as soon as parties step up efforts to appeal to voters ahead of presidential and parliamentary elections set for June with polls showing dwindling support for Erdogan and the AKP.
• However, the secularist CHP revived the issue last month with a proposal to enshrine the right to wear headscarves as it reached out to devout Turks, having long opposed the wearing of headscarves in parliament and public offices

7. Seoul rattled after Pyongyang launches 23 missiles

• North Korea fired at least 23 missiles into the sea on November 2, 2022, including one that landed less than 60km (40 miles) off South Korea`s coast, which the South`s President Yoon Suk-yeol described as `territorial encroachment` It was the first time a ballistic missile had landed near the South`s waters since the peninsula was divided in 1945, and the most missiles fired by the North in a single day. South Korea issued rare air raid warnings and launched its own missiles in response.
• The missile landed outside South Korea`s territorial waters, but south of the Northern Limit Line (NLL), a disputed inter-Korean maritime border.
• In response, South Korean warplanes fired three air-to-ground missiles into the sea north across the NLL in response, the South`s military said. An official said the weapons used included an AGM84H/K SLAM-ER, which is a US-made `stand-off` precision attack weapon that can fly for up to 270km (170 miles) with a 360kg (800lb) warhead

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8. Arab leaders say Palestinian cause still dear to them, but silent on split

• Arab leaders said on Wednesday that the Palestinian cause was still central for them after their first summit meeting in three years, but they did not directly address their own splits over peace with Israel or its election of a new right-wing government.
• The final declaration after the meeting in Algiers pledged continued Arab support for the Palestinian cause, said Jerusalem must be protected, condemned Israel`s use of violence against Palestinians and urged Israel to lift its blockade of Gaza.
• However, they made no new proposals for advancing Palestinian statehood or rights, with many Arabs disillusioned by what they have come for decades to see as empty rhetoric on the issue

9. Moscow `returns` to grain deal

• Russia said on November 2, 2022 that it would renew its participation in an agreement allowing Ukraine to export grain via the Black Sea, just four days after suspending its role in the deal.
• Moscow had pulled out at the weekend, saying it could not guarantee the safety of civilian ships crossing the Black Sea because of a drone attack on its fleet there.
• `The Russian Federation considers that the guarantees received at the moment appear sufficient, and resumes the implementation of the agreement,` the defence ministry said in a statement

10. Russian defence chiefs discussed nuclear use, claims NYT

• High level Russian military leaders recently discussed when and how they might use tactical nuclear weapons on the battlefield in Ukraine, the New York Times reported on November 2, 2022 citing unnamed US officials.
• But White House spokesman John Kirby downplayed the development, saying that Washington did not see any signs that Russia was making preparations to use nuclear weapons.
• Moscow, meanwhile, stressed that the world`s `top priority` should be to avoid a clash of nuclear powers that it stressed could lead to `catastrophic consequences`

Daily Top-10 Current Affairs MCQs / News (November 03, 2022) for CSS, PMS

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