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Day by Day Current Affairs (November 15 2019) | MCQs for CSS, PMS


November 15, 2019: National Current Affairs

1. Rawalpindi declared a metropolitan city

• The provincial government has declared Rawalpindi as a metropolitan city and changed the status of Rawalpindi Municipal Corporation (RMC) to the metropolitan corporation.
• The district council stands suspended and property tax is expanded to 24 union councils which were rural areas in the past.
• After delimitation for local government elections under Local Government Act 2019, the number of union councils increased from 46 to 70 while 24 rural are as have been converted into urban areas.
• Under the new law, Rawalpindi having population of more than 1.5 million will be declared a metropolitan city.
• The old union councils are: Ratta Amral, Dhoke Ratta, Hazara Colony, Dhoke Mangtal, Dhol(e Hasu, Fauji Colony, Bangash Colony, Khayaban-i-Sir Syed-I, Khayaban-i-Sir Syed-II, Dhol(e Naju, New Katarian, F-Block, Saidpur Scheme, Eidgah, Dhoke Babu Irfan, Pindora, Satellite Town, Asghar Mall, Qayyumabad, Dhoke Kashmirian, Dhoke Ali Akbar, Sadiqabad, Afandi Colony, Muslim Town, Khuram Colony, Chah Sultan, Dhoke Hukam Dad, Amarpura, Kartarpura, Banni, Imam Bara Mohalla, Mohanpura, Dhoke Dalal, Ganjmandi, Waris Khan, Purana Qilla, Shah Chan Chiragh, Millat Colony, Dhoke Khabba, Dhoke Farman Ali, Chamanzar Colony and City.

2. Pakistan leads in number of censorship requests sent to Facebook

• Of the 17,807 content restrictions made by Facebook globally, the highest number of the requests over 31 per cent originated from Pakistan between January and July 2019, according to the platform`s transparency report released on November 13, 2019.
• Facebook restricted 5,690 items within Pakistan during the first half of 2019, as compared to 4,174 pieces from the second half of 2018.
• During the reporting period, the volume of content restrictions based on local law decreased globally by 50pc from 35,972 to 17,807. Of the total volume, 58pc of restrictions originated from Pakistan and Mexico.
• Facebook said it restricted access in Pakistan to items reported by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority as allegedly violating local laws prohibiting blasphemy, anti-judiciary content, defamation, and condemnation of the country`s independence.

3. Christian parliamentarians’ forum formed

• Pakistani Christians parliamentarians and members of Pakistani Christians now residing in UK have decided to form Parliamentarians Forum on issues related to the nationalization of Christian institutes including Edward College in Peshawar and alleged persecution of Christians.
• It will also coordinate policies between the Pakistani Christians diaspora abroad. A constructive meeting was held on Thursday between a delegation of Pakistani Christians from UK Dr Peter David and Mr. Qamar Rafiq and the Pakistani Christian Parliamentarians, Dr. Naveed Aamir Jiva, Mr. Ejaz Alam Augustine, Mr. Khalil Tahir Sindhu, Mr. Haroon Wilson, Mr. Tariq Masih Gill, Mr. Munir Khokhar and others.

4. Kuwait`s govt quits after disputes with parliament

• The Kuwaiti prime minister resigned on November 14, 2019 along with his cabinet, officials said, amid allegations of infighting between ministers and criticism of their performance.
• Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Mubarak Al-Sabah `submitted the resignation of the cabinet to the emir … in order to allow for a cabinet reshuffle`, government spokesman Tareq al-Mazrem said in a statement.
• Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad Al-Sabah accepted his resignation, the official KUNA news agency reported.

5. China unveils experiment for landing on Mars

• China on November 14, 2019 unveiled an experiment simulating the process of a probe hovering, avoiding obstacles and descending to land on Mars. The experiment was held on a trial ground, the largest in Asia for test landing on extraterrestrial bodies, in Huailai County, north China’s Hebei Province.
• China plans to launch the Mars probe in 2020, aiming to complete orbiting, landing and roving in one mission, an unprecedented achievement, according to the China National Space Administration (CNSA). How to safely land on Mars is one of the biggest challenges facing the mission.
• The experiment simulated the gravity of Mars, about one-third of the gravity on Earth, to test the design of the lander.

6. Apple launches app to let users enroll in health studies

• Apple Inc on November 14, 2019 launched an app that will let users of its devices to enroll in three health studies, allowing them to share health-related data for medical research.
• The studies are conducted in partnership with research institutes, including Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the NIH`s National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.
• People who download the research app would be able to enroll in studies including Apple Women`s Health Study, Apple Heart and Movement Study and Apple Hearing Study, the company said in a study

7. Second Ebola vaccine introduced in DR Congo

• The Democratic Republic of Congo on November 14, 2019 introduced a second vaccine to fight a 15-month-old epidemic of Ebola in the east of the country, Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said.
• The new vaccine, produced by a Belgian subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, will be administered to about 50,000 people over four months, the charity said.
• It aims to broaden the fight against an outbreak that according to official figures has claimed 2,193 lives.
• More than a quarter of a million people, many of them frontline health workers, have already been immunised with another anti-Ebola vaccine.

8. Secrets of largest ape that ever lived

• A fossilised tooth left behind by the largest ape that ever lived is shedding new light on the evolution of apes. Gigan to pithecus blacki was thought to stand nearly three metres tall and tip the scales at 600kg.In an astonishing advance, scientists have obtained molecular evidence from a two-million-year-old fossil molar tooth found in a Chinese cave. The mystery ape is a distant relative of orangutans, sharing a common ancestor around 12 million years ago.
• “It would have been a distant cousin (of orangutans), in the sense that its closest living relatives are orangutans, compared to other living great apes such as gorillas or chimpanzees or us,” said Dr Frido Welker, from the University of Copenhagen.
• The research, reported in Nature, is based on comparing the ancient protein sequence of the tooth of the extinct ape, believed to be a female, with apes alive today.

9. ICC approves probe into Rohingya abuse in Myanmar

• The International Criminal Court said on November 14, 2019 it had approved a prosecution request to investigate crimes against humanity against Myanmar`s Rohingya minority who were systematically driven across the border to Bangladesh.
• More than 730,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled to neighbouring Bangladesh since a 2017 crackdown by Myanmar`s military, which UN investigators say was carried out with `genocidal intent`. Buddhist majority Myanmar denies accusations of genocide.
• However, the accusation of genocide, while within the jurisdiction of the court, will not be investigated by the ICC, a treaty-based body that is not supported by Myanmar.
• Judges at the ICC, the world`s only permanent war crimes court, said that although Myanmar is not a member of the court, it has jurisdiction to examine alleged crimes that partially took place across the border in Bangladesh, which is a member.

10. Test cricket returns to Pakistan next month with Sri Lanka series

• It took a decade to come back. But it`s finally coming back for sure.
• Test cricket is set to return to Pakistan after a long gap of 10 years when Sri Lanka tour the country for a two-match series at Rawalpindi and Karachi next month, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) announced on November 14, 2019.
• The vote of confidence from Sri Lanka is hugely symbolic as they were the last team to play a test match in Pakistan in March 2009, when their team bus came under attack at Lahore.
• Six security personnel and two civilians were killed while seven Sri Lankan players were injured in the attack which drove international cricket away from Pakistan.Day by Day Current Affairs (November 15 2019) | MCQs for CSS, PMS
• All incoming tours were cancelled after the attack and Pakistan later lost their status as co-hosts for the 2011 Cricket World Cup.

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