Daily Dawn Vocabulary

Daily Dawn Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning | 29 September 2018

Every aspirant knows the importance of English language and vocabulary. In order to facilitate the aspirants, we have started a new trend of posting vocabulary on our website. The vocabulary will include the words from dawn newspaper along with their meanings which will save a lot of time of the aspirants.
So, keep in touch with CSS Times for daily vocabulary from dawn.

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Daily Dawn Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning
29 September 2018

Culpability مجرم، قابل مواخذہ

responsibility for a fault or wrong; blame
Synonyms: guilt, blame, fault, responsibility, accountability, liability, answerability
Antonyms: innocence

Dubious مشکوک، مشتبہ

not to be relied upon; suspect
Synonyms: suspicious, suspect, under suspicion, untrustworthy, unreliable
Antonyms: trustworthy, decisive, clear, definite

Cahoots شرکت، ملی بھگت،سازش میں ملوث

colluding or conspiring together secretly
Synonyms: in league, colluding, in collusion, conspiring, conniving
Antonyms: divided, separate, uncoordinated, separated

Emphasis کسی خاص لفظ پر زور دینا، تاکید

special importance, value, or prominence given to something
Synonyms: prominence, importance, significance
Antonyms: ignorance, lethargy, triviality, unimportance

Unscrupulous بے ایمان، آزاد

having or showing no moral principles; not honest or fair
Synonyms: unprincipled, unethical, immoral, amoral, conscienceless,
Antonyms: ethical, honest

Invariably ناقابل تبدیل، ہمیشہ

in every case or on every occasion; always
Synonyms: always, every time, each time, on every occasion, at all times
Antonyms: sometimes, never

Evict بے دخل کردینا، نکال دینا

expel (someone) from a property, especially with the support of the law
Synonyms: expel, eject, oust, remove, dislodge
Antonyms: hold, keep, take in, welcome

Clout اثر و رسوخ

influence or power, especially in politics or business
Synonyms: influence, power, pull, weight, sway, leverage, control
Antonyms: powerlessness

Suffocating گھٹن، حبس دم

difficulty in breathing
Synonyms: asphyxiate, drown, smother,stifle, strangle
Antonyms: free, let go, loose

Atrocities مظالم، سنگ دلی

an extremely wicked or cruel act, typically one involving physical violence or injury
Synonyms: cruelty, abomination, enormity, outrage, horror, monstrosity
Antonyms: goodness, righteousness, virtuousness

Explosion دھماکہ

a violent shattering or blowing apart of something, as is caused by a bomb
Synonyms: detonation, discharge, eruption, blowing up
Antonyms: implosion

Fatal مہلک، ہلاکت خیز، تباہ کن

causing death
Synonyms: deadly, lethal, mortal, causing death
Antonyms: assisting, blessed, fortunate, harmless, healthy, helpful

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