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Daily English Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning (02 November 2019)

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Daily Dawn English Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning
November 02, 2019

Incarcerate (verb) قید کرنا

imprison or confine.
Example: “many are incarcerated for property offences”
Synonyms: imprison, put in prison, send to prison, jail, lock up, take into custody, put under lock and key,
Antonyms: free, release

Unfettered (adjective) قید و بند سے آزاد، بیڑیوں سے آزاد

not confined or restricted.
Example: “his imagination is unfettered by the laws of logic”
Synonyms: unrestrained, unrestricted, unconstrained, free, unbridled, untrammelled, unchecked
Antonyms: restricted, fettered

Dread (verb) فکری مندی، خوف

anticipate with great apprehension or fear.
Example: “Jane was dreading the party”
Synonyms: fear, be afraid of, worry about, be anxious about, have forebodings about,
Antonyms: look forward to

Gloomy (adjective) اداس، غمگین، مایوس کن

dark or poorly lit, especially so as to appear depressing or frightening.
Example: “a gloomy corridor badly lit by oil lamps”
Synonyms: dark, ill-lit, poorly lit, shadowy, sunless, dim, sombre, dingy, frowzy
Antonyms: bright, sunny, well lit

Murky (adjective) دھندلا، گدلا، گہرا

dark and gloomy, especially due to thick mist.
Example: “the sky was murky and a thin drizzle was falling”
Synonyms: dark, gloomy, grey, leaden, dull, dim, overcast, cloudy, clouded,
Antonyms: bright, sunny

Hazardous (adjective) خطرناک، خطرہ، ڈر

risky; dangerous.
Example: “we work in hazardous conditions”
Synonyms: dangerous, risky, unsafe, perilous, precarious, insecure, tricky, unpredictable
Antonyms: safe, secure, certain

Impunity (noun) استثنیٰ، چھٹکارا

exemption from punishment or freedom from the injurious consequences of an action.
Example: “the impunity enjoyed by military officers implicated in civilian killings”
Synonyms: immunity, indemnity, exemption from punishment, freedom from punishment
Antonyms: liability, responsibility

Egregious (adjective) متفرق، اشد، بہت برا، اشد

outstandingly bad; shocking.
Example: “egregious abuses of copyright”
Synonyms: shocking, appalling, horrific, horrifying, horrible, terrible, awful, dreadful
Antonyms: marvellous

Coerce (verb) مجبور کرنا، جبر کرنا، دباﺅ

persuade (an unwilling person) to do something by using force or threats.
Example: “he was coerced into giving evidence”
Synonyms: pressure, pressurize, bring pressure to bear on, use pressure on, put pressure on
Antonyms: persuade

Ignominious (adjective) ذلت آمیز، شرمناک، رسوائی

deserving or causing public disgrace or shame.
Example: “no other party risked ignominious defeat”
Synonyms: humiliating, undignified, embarrassing, mortifying, shameful, disgraceful, dishonourable
Antonyms: glorious

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