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Daily DAWN News Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning (03 September 2020)

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Daily Dawn Newspaper English Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning
September 03, 2020

Stipulate (verb) بیان کرنا، شرط رکھنا، مقرر

demand or specify (a requirement), typically as part of an agreement.
Example: “he stipulated certain conditions before their marriage”
Synonyms: specify, set down, set out, lay down, set forth, state clearly, demand, require, insist on
Antonyms: break, break off, calculate, confuse

Stagnate (verb) جماﺅ، کھڑا ہونا، بہنے سے رک جانا

cease developing; become inactive or dull.
Example: “teaching can easily stagnate into a set of routines”
Synonyms: become stagnant, do nothing, stand still, be sluggish, lie dormant, be inert, languish
Antonyms: rise, boom

Conformity (noun) اصولوں کے مطابق عمل، موافقت

compliance with standards, rules, or laws.
Example: “conformity to regulations”
Synonyms: compliance with, adherence to, accordance with, observance of, observation of, obedience to
Antonyms: flouting

Incarceration (noun) قید، اسیری

the state of being confined in prison; imprisonment.
Example: “the public would not be served by her incarceration”
Synonyms: imprisonment, internment, confinement, detention, custody, captivity, restraint
Antonyms: freedom

Incumbent (adjective) فرض، لازمی، عہدہ دار

necessary for (someone) as a duty or responsibility.
Example: “the government realized that it was incumbent on them to act”
Synonyms: binding, obligatory, mandatory, necessary, compulsory, required, requisite
Antonyms: optional

Sanction (noun) منظوری، قاعدہ

a threatened penalty for disobeying a law or rule.
Example: “a range of sanctions aimed at deterring insider abuse”
Synonyms: penalty, punishment, deterrent, punitive action, discipline, penalization, correction
Antonyms: reward

Triumph (noun) کامیابی، جیت، جشن فتح

a great victory or achievement.
Example: “a garden built to celebrate Napoleon’s many triumphs”
Synonyms: victory, win, conquest, success, achievement, ascendancy, mastery
Antonyms: defeat

Succumb (verb) مجبوراً تسلیم کرنا، ہار ماننا

fail to resist pressure, temptation, or some other negative force.
Example: “we cannot merely give up and succumb to despair”
Synonyms: yield, give in, give way, submit, surrender, capitulate, cave in, be overcome by
Antonyms: resist, conquer

Resumption (noun) بحالی، دوبارہ شروعات، دوبارہ حصول

the action of beginning something again after a pause or interruption.
Example: “with peace came the resumption of foreign imports”
Synonyms: restart, restarting, recommencement, reopening, reinstitution, continuation, carrying on
Antonyms: suspension, abandonment

Vigilant (adjective) خبردار، چوکنا، محتاط، چوکس

keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficulties.
Example: “the burglar was spotted by vigilant neighbours”
Synonyms: watchful, on the lookout, observant, sharp-eyed, keen-eyed, gimlet-eyed, eagle-eyed
Antonyms: negligent, inattentive

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