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Daily DAWN News Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning (11 April 2021)

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Daily Dawn Newspaper English Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning
April 11, 2021

Revamp (verb) تجدید کرنا، اختلاف پھر سے دور کرنا

give new and improved form, structure, or appearance to.
Example: “an attempt to revamp the museum’s image”
Synonyms: renovate, redecorate, refurbish, recondition, rehabilitate, rebuild, reconstruct, overhaul
Antonyms: break, unpin, detach, unbuckle

Irony (noun) طنز

the expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.
Example: “‘Don’t go overboard with the gratitude,’ he rejoined with heavy irony”
Synonyms: sarcasm, sardonicism, dryness, causticity, sharpness, acerbity, acid, bitterness
Antonyms: sincerity

Lethal (adjective) مہلک، جان لیوا

sufficient to cause death.
Example: “a lethal cocktail of drink and pills”
Synonyms: fatal, deadly, mortal, causing death, death-dealing, life-threatening, murderous, homicidal
Antonyms: harmless, safe

Dissension (noun) اختلاف رائے، نزاع، جھگڑا، رنجش

disagreement that leads to discord.
Example: “these issues caused bitter dissension in the party”
Synonyms: disagreement, difference of opinion, dispute, dissent, variance, conflict, friction
Antonyms: agreement, harmony

Persuade (verb) اکسانا، راغب کرنا، قائل کرنا

induce (someone) to do something through reasoning or argument.
Example: “it wasn’t easy, but I persuaded him to do the right thing”
Synonyms: prevail on, talk someone into, coax, convince, make, get, press someone into, induce
Antonyms: dissuade, discourage, deter

Persecute (verb) اذیت دینا، ستانا، پیچھے پڑنا

subject (someone) to hostility and ill-treatment, especially because of their race or political or religious beliefs.
Example: “his followers were persecuted by the authorities”
Synonyms: oppress, abuse, victimize, ill-treat, mistreat, maltreat, discriminate against
Antonyms: abet, aid, assist, help

Ominous (adjective) منحوس

giving the worrying impression that something bad is going to happen; threateningly inauspicious.
Example: “there were ominous dark clouds gathering overhead”
Synonyms: threatening, menacing, baleful, forbidding, sinister, doomy, inauspicious
Antonyms: promising, auspicious, propitious

Permissive (adjective) جائز، آزاد خیال معاشرہ، اجازت دینے والا

allowing or characterized by great or excessive freedom of behaviour.
Example: “a permissive parent”
Synonyms: liberal, broad-minded, open-minded, non-restrictive, free, free and easy
Antonyms: intolerant, strict

Obligatory (adjective) لازمی، ضروری، فرض

required by a legal, moral, or other rule; compulsory.
Example: “use of seat belts in cars is now obligatory”
Synonyms: compulsory, mandatory, prescribed, required, demanded, statutory, enforced
Antonyms: voluntary, optional

Stipulate (verb) بیان کرنا، شرط لگانا، معاہدہ کرنا

demand or specify (a requirement), typically as part of an agreement.
Example: “he stipulated certain conditions before their marriage”
Synonyms: specify, set down, set out, lay down, set forth, state clearly, demand, require
Antonyms: break, break off, calculate, confuse

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