Daily Dawn Vocabulary

Daily DAWN News Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning (24 February 2021)

Daily DAWN News Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning (24 February 2021)
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

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Daily Dawn Newspaper English Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning
February 24, 2021

Brazen (adjective) بے حیا، بے باکی سے سامنا کرنا، ڈٹ کر سامنا کرنا

bold and without shame.
Example: “he went about his illegal business with a brazen assurance”
Synonyms: bold, shameless, as bold as brass, brazen-faced, forward, presumptuous, brash
Antonyms: timid, shy

Escalation (noun) بڑھاوا، تیزی، اضافہ

a rapid increase; a rise.
Example: “cost escalations”
Synonyms: rapid increase, rise, hike, advance, growth, leap, upsurge, upturn, upswing
Antonyms: plunge, relaxation

Vanquish (verb) غالب آجانا، شکست دینا

defeat thoroughly.
Example: “he successfully vanquished his rival”
Synonyms: conquer, defeat (utterly), beat (hollow), trounce, annihilate, triumph over, win a resounding victory over
Antonyms: succumb, yield, faint, fail

Apparently (adverb) بادی النظر میں، بظاہر

as far as one knows or can see.
Example: “the child nodded, apparently content with the promise”
Synonyms: seemingly, evidently, it seems (that), it would seem (that), it appears (that), it would appear (that)
Antonyms: improbably, dubiously, unlikely, vaguely

Exacerbate (verb) خفا کرنا، شدید تر کرنا،تیز کرنا

make (a problem, bad situation, or negative feeling) worse.
Example: “the exorbitant cost of land in urban areas only exacerbated the problem”
Synonyms: aggravate, make worse, worsen, inflame, compound, intensify, increase, heighten
Antonyms: calm, reduce

Fend (verb) بغیر مدد کے کام کرنا،باز رکھنا، موسم روکنا

defend oneself from a blow, attack, or attacker.
Example: “Meredith tried frantically to fend him off”
Synonyms: ward off, head off, stave off, hold off, keep off, repel, repulse, resist
Antonyms: encourage

Strident (adjective) سخت، کرخت اور اونچی آواز

(of a sound) loud and harsh; grating.
Example: “his voice had become increasingly strident”
Synonyms: harsh, raucous, rough, grating, rasping, jarring, loud, stentorian, shrill
Antonyms: soft, dulcet

Reprehensible (adjective) مجرمانہ، قابل مذمت، قابل نفرت

deserving censure or condemnation.
Example: “his complacency and reprehensible laxity”
Synonyms: deplorable, disgraceful, discreditable, disreputable, despicable, blameworthy, culpable
Antonyms: creditable, praiseworthy, good

Dubious (adjective) مشکوک، مبہم، مشتبہ

hesitating or doubting.
Example: “I was rather dubious about the whole idea”
Synonyms: doubtful, uncertain, unsure, in doubt, hesitant, undecided, unsettled, unconfirmed
Antonyms: certain, definite

Perceive (verb) ادراک کرنا، سمجھنا، جاننا

become aware or conscious of (something); come to realize or understand.
Example: “his mouth fell open as he perceived the truth”
Synonyms: discern, recognize, become cognizant of, become aware of, become conscious of, get/come to know
Antonyms: miss, misobserve, overlook

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