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Dealing with aggressive Indian designs | Essay Material for CSS

Dealing with aggressive Indian designs | Essay Material for CSS
Written by CSS Times

By: Malik Muhammad Ashraf

A few days ago, the EU’s Disinfo Lab revealed that India has been trying to malign Pakistan, portraying it in dismal colours before the international community by generating and propagating false and fake news through a network of 750 fake media outlets and 550 website domain names in 162 countries. Reportedly, Indian RAW set up a fake front entity, Srivastava Group (SG) with headquarters in New Delhi in 2005 which over the last fifteen years, developed this network.

The revelations by the Disinfo Lab have been corroborated by a report that Ofcom, a media regulatory body in the UK, has imposed a financial penalty of twenty thousand pounds on Republic Bharat TV for serious broadcasting breaches after the channel aired hate speech against Pakistan and its people. The regulatory authority in its finding said, “We considered the statements of the guests in the programme to be expressions of hatred based on intolerance of Pakistani people and that the broadcast of these statements spread, incited, promoted and justified such intolerance towards Pakistani people among viewers. The statement made by a retired Major General from the Indian Army, which clearly threatened that the Indian military would attack Pakistani civilians in their homes, were an expression of hatred and desire to kill by a figure of authority. In our view the broadcast of these statements also promoted hatred and intolerance towards Pakistani people. The overall tone of the discussion was provocative…”

What the General exactly said was, “Oh you useless people. Beggars..We are coming to Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. We are coming to Gilgit-Baltistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. We are going to come, be ready. People in your country are shivering with fear that the Indian army may come. We will barge inside your homes in Balochistan, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, in Karachi, in your areas, in Multan, in Rawalpindi and kill you. From Lahore, from Karachi to Gilgit-Balistan when we will have control.”

The programme, apart from spreading hate against Pakistan and its people was also a calculated attempt to hurl threats at Pakistan. Coming from the mouth of a major general it actually indicates the mindset of the Indian army and political leadership of India. The former Chief of Indian Army and now the Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat has also been hurling threats of teaching Pakistan a lesson. The Indian defence minister also boasted that India was ready for both Pakistan and China.

The foregoing realities are a rousing testimony of unabated Indian hostility towards Pakistan. India all along has been a threat to the security of Pakistan but that hostility has gained unprecedented intensity since the advent of Narendra Modi as Indian Prime Minister. The BJP regime, inebriated by the RSS ideology of Hindutva has promulgated anti-Muslim laws within the country and also scrapped Article 370 of the Indian constitution to end the special status of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir showing disdainful defiance of the UN resolutions. With a view to divert world attention from the blatant violations of human right in IIOJ&K and the killing spree, India has been continuously violating the ceasefire agreement along the LoC and the working boundary. It has reportedly committed more than 3000 violations of the ceasefire and killed 278 civilians during this year. Not only that, it also has been running a sustained campaign to isolate Pakistan accusing her of supporting alleged acts of terrorism in IIOJ&K. It also dared to launch naked aggression against Pakistan in February 2018 when it sent planes to attack an imaginary terrorist camp in Balakot.

In the light of the foregoing facts one can hardly contest the claims by Prime Minister Imran Khan and Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi that India, as per intelligence reports, was planning to launch yet another false-flag operation against Pakistan. There is a real threat to Pakistan’s security by India and there can be no two opinions about it.

Pakistan has been sensitising the global community about this since India ended the special status of IIOJ&K and is urging it to intervene before it is too late. A possible clash between the two nuclear powers could produce cataclysmic consequences for the entire region. But the dilemma is that the world community and the UN, in spite of being informed about Indian designs and threat to peace by the government of Pakistan as well as the international media, remain criminally indifferent to the plight of the people of Kashmir and the prospects of war between the two nuclear powers.

The reason is that the world politics and the policies pursued by the big powers which have the strongest clout in the management of global affairs are not amenable to the UN Charter and the principles enunciated in it for inter-state relations and for maintaining peace. Their actions and policies are premised on their self-perceived strategic and commercial interests and in pursuing their objectives, they do not even hesitate to flout the UN charter and the rules and principles set by themselves in regards to inter-state relations. Legitimacy of any cause is viewed by them through the prism of their own interests. That is exactly what we are witnessing in regards to Indian actions in IIO&JK and its aggressive designs against Pakistan. India is a strategic partner of the US and its western allies and a pivotal player in this region to further the objectives of their ‘contain China policy’. The sufferings of the people of Kashmir and UN resolutions regarding the dispute have no meaning for them. According to a report published in the Los Angeles Times, the Indian government took the Trump administration into confidence before scrapping Article 370 of the Indian constitution which ended the special status of the state and eventually making it part of the Indian Union.

As is evident, the people of IIOJ&K are victims of global politics. Encouraged by the indifferent attitude of the US and its allies, the latter has also adopted a hostile posture against Pakistan. Under the permeating situation, while it is important to continue our efforts to sensitise the world about Indian designs and actions that constitute an affront to the UN stance on Kashmir, Pakistan must focus more on maintaining an adequate nuclear deterrent and the capability to thwart Indian aggression in the conventional warfare so that the enemy thinks ten times before launching an aggression against us. An added deterrent to the aggressive Indian designs would be impregnable national unity and elimination of the ambience of political confrontation which is gripping the country at the moment. All stakeholders in the security of the country must give serious thought to this.

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