English Grammar MCQs

Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs (Set-10)

Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs (Set-10)
Shahzad F. Malik
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

The first great theorist of dramatic art was Aristo, whose —— of tragedy in “The Poetics” has dominated critical thought ever since.
A) solution
B) reference
C) discussion
D) recognition
E) allusion
Answer: C

Their state assets were —— to foreign capital at bargain prices.
A) available
B) unreliable
C) recurrent
D) constant
E) ultimate
Answer: A

The whole of society may suffer if its government is attacked; ——- the entire body is harmed if the brain is damaged.
A) otherwise
B) similarly
C) on the other hand
D) nevertheless
E) however
Answer: B

Osteoclasts are cells that ——- bone in the normal course of bone replenishment.
A) show off
B) pull through
C) break down
D) put out
E) cut off
Answer: C

The findings indicate that there is a lower ——- of cancer among vegetarians.
A) incidence
B) disturbance
C) decline
D) reversal
E) replacement
Answer: A

Scientists are ——- biotechnology to develop highly effective drugs in the fight against currently incurable diseases.
A) invading
B) justifying
C) exerting
D) retaining
E) utilizing
Answer: E

—— its focus on how language is used to achieve goals, discourse analysis may also be useful in exploring areas of persuasion, ideology, and conflict.
A) On account of
B) On behalf of
C) In connection with
D) In addition to
E) By dint of
Answer: D

The relationship between smoking and lung cancer has been heatedly discussed for many years, but until recently the evidence about it has been both ——- and conflicting.
A) exemplary
B) susceptible
C) compatible
D) fragmentary
E) confident
Answer: D

Medical science is advancing at such a pace that it is virtually impossible to ——- all the latest developments even within one’s own specialist field.
A) take up
B) keep up with
C) carry out
D) pull out of
E) look down on
Answer: B

Patients seeking to ——- scars have several options, depending on the depth of the scar.
A) get rid of
B) sort out
C) take back
D) get along with
E) fold over
Answer: A

Atoms are ——- of electrons and a nucleus containing protons and neutrons.
A) joined
B) linked
C) composed
D) kept
E) completed
Answer: C

Visibility depends ——- upon the concentration of water or dust particles in the air.
A) rapidly
B) obstinately
C) instantly
D) suitably
E) chiefly
Answer: E

This magazine is designed to help satellite equipment buyers make more ——- purchasing decisions and keep ahead of new developments.
A) representative
B) obscure
C) foreseen
D) informed
E) indifferent
Answer: D

He was discharged from hospital but was advised to return after a month for further ——- .
A) treatment
B) recovery
C) admission
D) diagnosis
E) expansion
Answer: A

Science requires the testing of its ideas or theories to see if its predictions are ——- by experiment.
A) made up
B) borne out
C) closed in
D) put off
E) sorted out
Answer: B

Radioactivity was discovered in 1896 by Becquerel, who noticed that salts containing uranium ——- radiations.
A) got off
B) held up
C) sent off
D) came up with
E) turned away
Answer: C

In the past, too, people relied on plant substances to ——- a wide range of illnesses
A) recover
B) undermine
C) infect
D) cure
E) restrain
Answer: D

Some women are ——- troubled with backache as they get older.
A) relevantly
B) consecutively
C) continually
D) sufficiently
E) reluctantly
Answer: C

A poorly-planned vegetarian diet will typically be ——- in iron, zinc and calcium.
A) unhealthy
B) deficient
C) varied
D) nutritious
E) essential
Answer: B

The subject of statics is ——- the calculation of the forces acting on and within structures that are in equilibrium.
A) taken care of
B) turned up
C) kept off
D) given rise to
E) concerned with
Answer: E

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