English Grammar MCQs

Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs (Set-4)

Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs (Set-4)
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 The rise in energy —— has led to a reduction in the amount of fossil fuels that the world must use.
A) redundancy
B) efficiency
C) consumption
D) suitability
E) conformity
Answer: C

I believe that leaders must make an effort to stay open-minded and try to —— another person’s point
of view.
A) deplore
B) recover
C) forecast
D) insist
E) appreciate
Answer: E

We must find some way to give them a fairly complete and realistic picture of the situation, but without —— them too much.
A) depressing
B) intimidating
C) restricting
D) complementing
E) embittering
Answer: B

Any child left to its own devices for too long is likely to —— on some dangerous enterprise.
A) assert
B) entice
C) embark
D) reproach
E) reduce
Answer: C

Foot and mouth disease, also called aftosa, is a highly contagious viral disease affecting —— all cloven footed mammals, including cattle, sheep, goats, and swine.
A) practically
B) haphazardly
C) secretly
D) hardly
E) swiftly
Answer: A

Industry as a whole was badly affected by the restrictions, but it was the high technology sector that suffered most —— .
A) blatantly
B) randomly
C) reasonably
D) tightly
E) acutely
Answer: E

The stars visible at night are —— distant, which is why they appear only as tiny points of light.
A) commonly
B) eventually
C) immensely
D) intensively
E) specially
Answer: C

Her parents spend their summers in the south, but their —— residence, a luxury apartment, is in Istanbul.
A) favourable
B) traditional
C) previous
D) permanent
E) ordinary
Answer: D

One defect seems inherent in a purely classical education –namely, a too —— emphasis on the past.
A) recurrent
B) repressive
C) coherent
D) exclusive
E) deceptive
Answer: A

The Kodak Company now faces stiff —— both from abroad and from rival firms at home.
A) renovation
B) competition
C) investment
D) commerce
E) recession
Answer: B

Many people think of the United States as a young country, yet it has the oldest written —— among the major nations of the world.
A) involvement
B) concession
C) proposition
D) treaty
E) constitution
Answer: E

A few people enjoyed the exhibition, but the majority were clearly —– .
A) restrained
B) admirable
C) impartial
D) disappointed
E) relieved
Answer: D

Thanks to various advances in modern medicine, certain diseases that were seemingly incurable now —— treatment.
A) consist of
B) yield to
C) interfere with
D) stem from
E) result from
Answer: B

Although the partners seem to be in full agreement on matters of management, there is actually a —— difference of opinion among them.
A) smooth
B) abundant
C) flexible
D) vast
E) relentless
Answer: D

Admittedly, the engineer’s report was relatively unimaginative, but it was, on the whole, —— .
A) accurate
B) irrelevant
C) vacant
D) deceptive
E) wealthy
Answer: A

He has behaved —— on many occasions, so this instance of impoliteness is hardly surprising.
A) shyly
B) endearingly
C) sensitively
D) readily
E) inconsiderately
Answer: E

At the meeting, even though he spoke well, he was unable to —— the other members.
A) complete
B) persuade
C) reinterpret
D) agree
E) dispute
Answer: B

The United States has long prided itself on being a melting pot of culturally —— peoples.
A) diverse
B) redundant
C) incoherent
D) entire
E) substantial
Answer: A

It is —— ten years since AIDS caught the world’s attention.
A) formidably
B) generously
C) pertinently
D) roughly
E) inevitably
Answer: D

As a result of the continuing economic recession, a huge —— in the budget seems inevitable.
A) redundancy
B) improvement
C) profit
D) distinction
E) deficit
Answer: E

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