English Grammar MCQs

Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs (Set-6)

Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs (Set-6)
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The topics included in the conference programme are not as —— as one might have hoped.
A) obsessed
B) illuminated
C) preoccupied
D) varied
E) disposed
Answer: D

Throughout most of human history, people’s movements on land were —— to those speeds and distances that could be attained by walking.
A) affiliated
B) acquired
C) promoted
D) restricted
E) inclined
Answer: D

The French physicist Jean-Antoine Nollet is —— with the earliest recorded observation of osmosis in 1748.
A) fortified
B) credited
C) satisfied
D) competed
E) detained
Answer: B

On the third day after the shipwreck, they gave up all hope of finding any —— .
A) deserters
B) conclusions
C) survivors
D) suppliers
E) discrepancies
Answer: C

The allocation made by the budget committee can be used —— to finance work on child health.
A) plainly
B) excessively
C) extremely
D) remarkably
E) solely
Answer: E

Since the firm has been found negligent by the court, his claim for —— for the accident has been accepted.
A) compensation
B) reduction
C) employment
D) relevance
E) cooperation
Answer 6: A

I don’t approve of the methods he is using, but his —— aim, as regards the project, is admirable.
A) conclusive
B) ultimate
C) controversial
D) convenient
E) deplorable
Answer: B

If he gets this ——, it will help him to recover his selfconfidence.
A) accuracy
B) exposure
C) promotion
D) activity
E) procedure
Answer: C

In 1883, before the electron was discovered, the Swedish physicist and chemist Svante August Arrhenius —— the existence of ions in solutions in order to explain electrolysis.
A) improved
B) reassessed
C) awakened
D) alleged
E) postulated
Answer: E

The testimony of the last witness —— the accused off all suspicion.
A) induces
B) removes
C) clears
D) surmounts
E) exposes
Answer: C

By all means, give all the medical details, but do —— from giving any names.
A) relent
B) excuse
C) deny
D) refrain
E) respect
Answer: D

Mark’s warm and humorous personality —— everyone at the conference.
A) enhanced
B) frightened
C) confirmed
D) captivated
E) disgusted
Answer: D

An election in which all members of a political party are —— to select candidates is called a direct primary.
A) excluded
B) separated
C) distinguished
D) entitled
E) assessed
Answer: D

The most common type of government in the 20th century, representative democracy —— in Western Europe, North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, and Japan.
A) prevails
B) reinforces
C) commits
D) enacts
E) stabilizes
Answer: A

President Bush’s special envoy, Zalmay Khalilzad, has stressed that any military movement or combat in Northern Iraq should be under the overall —— of the US led coalition.
A) supply
B) reliance
C) priority
D) phase
E) command
Answer: E

Although balloons had been used for military purposes for some time, the —— use of the airplane as a weapon during World War I was especially troubling.
A) prevalent
B) equivalent
C) indifferent
D) resultant
E) resistant
Answer: A

The mirrors used in Greco-Roman antiquity and throughout the European Middle Ages were simply —— convex disks of metal, either bronze, tin, or silver, that reflected light off their highly polished surfaces.
A) instantly
B) densely
C) slightly
D) utterly
E) steadily
Answer: C

The behaviour of light seems to have interested ancient philosophers, but without —— them to experiment.
A) disbanding
B) discouraging
C) damaging
D) stimulating
E) frustrating
Answer: D

Even when his reputation was in ——, almost everyone was willing to admit that he had genius.
A) retaliation
B) eclipse
C) ascendancy
D) differentiation
E) rebuttal
Answer: B

No one can say for sure how —— the awards have been.
A) determined
B) effective
C) reducible
D) effervescent
E) inborn
Answer: B

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