General Knowledge: Most Important MCQs (Part VI) for CSS, PMS, PCS, NTS

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Pak-Iran border line was demarcated on
• 24th September 1872

Line of control is between
• Azad Kashmir & Occupied Kashmir.

Mc Mohan line is the boundary line between India and China. It was demarcated in
• 1914.

Radcliff line is the boundary between Pakistan and India. It was demarcated in 1947 by
• Sir Cyril Radcliff.

24th parallel Line lies in Rann of Kutch. It is frontier between
• Pakistan and India.

Durand line is 1300 mile long frontier b/w Pakistan & Afghanistan demarcated in 1893. It has over
• 200 passes.

The largest district of Punjab by area is
• Bahawalpur.

Pakistan Environmental Protection Ordinance was enforced in
• 1984.

Qadir Pur gas field is in
• Sindh

‘Uranium’ is extracted in Pakistan from area of
• Dera Gazi Khan

Allama Mashriqi was the founder of
• Khaksar Tehreek

‘Bala Hissar'(The elevated Fort) is situated at
• Peshawar

In Pakistan, the largest share of electricity comes from the source of
• Thermal

National Emblem of Pakistan is
• Crescent

The British Indian Government announced the partition of Bengal In 1905 because of
• administrative Requirements

Mualana Muhammad Al Jauhar had convinced Quaid-e-Azam to join
• All India Muslim League

Pakistan National Movement’ was launched from England in 1933 by
• Chaudhry Rehmat Ali

Sheikh Ahmed Shaheed was the founder of
• Jihad Movement

Dhaka is called City of
• mosques.

Allama Iqbal highly appreciated the dissolution of Caliphate and establishment of
• Grand National Assembly of Turkey

Basic Democracy system in Pakistan was given by
• General Ayub Khan

Pakistan’s city with the highest literacy rate is
• Islamabad

Shahjehan Mughal Emperors built the
• Jama Masjid of Delhi

Nadir Shah attacked Delhi during the reign of
• Muhammad Shah

Which religious scholar translated Quran in Persian which was known as Fateh Rehman Fi Tarjman-al-Quran?
• Shah Wali Ullah

Which religious scholar tried to eradicate different innovations from the religion?
• Haji Shariat Ullah

First edition of Asar-us-Sanadid appeared in
• 1846

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan became Chief Judge in
• 1846

British Governemnt sold Kashmir to Galab Singh in
• 1846

Doctrine of Lapse under which adoption of son by rulers in the absence of their natural hairs was banned was introduced in Subcontinent in
• 1848

East India Company occupied Punjab in
• 1849

The most famous court-poet (in Hindi literature) of Akbar was
• Abdur-Rahim-Khan-i-Khanan

Sher Shah is well-known for his administrative skill, especially his
• Land revenue system

After Shariat Ullah who made the Faraizi Movement strong and popular?
• Dadhu Mian

The Mughal emperor, who died to sudden fall from the staircase, was
• Humayun

Which ruler lost his kingdom in Hindustan but retrieved it after about 15 years in exile?
• Humayun

The coin rupia was first issued by
• Sher Shah Suri

Who was the founder of Faraizi Movement?
• Haji Shariat Ullah

Who was the ruler of medieval India who is credited with the building of the Grand Trunk Road?
• Sher Shah Suri

Who as the Afghan ruler of India whose administrative system was emulated by the British?
• Sher Shah

The most famous musician at the court of Akbar was Tansen. His original name was
• Ramtanu Pande

The tomb of Babar is at
• Kabul

When was the monopoly of East India Company in trade brought under the control of the British Crown?
• 1773 A.D.

Which Englishmen was honoured by Jahangir with the title of ‘Khan’?
• William Hawkins

The battle of Dharmat was fought between Aurangzeb and
• Dara Shikoh

Mujahideen Movement was launched under the leadership of
• Syed Ahmad Shaheed

Syed Ahmad Shaheed alongwith Shah Ismail was martyred in a battle with
• Sikhs at Balakot

Syed Ahmad Shaheed and Shah Ismail were martyred in
• 1831

When Shah Wali Ullah was born?
• 1703

What was the actual name of Shah Wali Ullah?
• Ahmad

Who wrote a letter to Najib-ud-Daula asking him to give support and help to the Muslims against the tyrany of Sikhs and Marhattas?
• Shah Wali Ullah

Anglo-Maratha War was fought in
• 1805

Anglo-French War in India was fought in
• 1748

Beside emphasizing the need for carrying out Faraiz, Faraizi movement also paid attention to save whom from the tyranny of Hindu landlords?
• Peasants

When the East India Company came into existence, England was ruled by the
• Tudors

Which Indian king requested Napoleon for help to drive the British from India?
• Tipu Sultan

Anglo-Sikh War was fought in
• 1846

Sir Syed was born in Delhi on
• 17th October 1817

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan started government job in the Commissioner’s office in 1837 as
• Naib Munshi

War of Independence was fought in
• 1857

The British ascended the Indian throne and the direct British rule was imposed on India in
• 1858

What is the old name of Bin Qasim (sea port)?
• Pepri

What is the old name of Karachi (Sindh)?
• Kalanchi

Which city is known as Switzerland of Pakistan?
• Swat

The old name of Lahore City is
• Mahmoodpur

What is the new name of NWFP?
• Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

What is the old name of Zhob?
• Fort Sandeman

What is the old name of Attock?
• Cambellpur

Old name of Pakpattan is?
• Ajodhan Pur (by Akbar the Great)

What is the new name of Hindu Bagh?
• Muslim Bagh

A team of Geological Survey of Pakistan (GSP) has made Pakistan’s first-ever discovery of dinosaur fossils in
• Barkhan district of Balochistan

Pakistan first participated in the Olympic Games in
• 1948 in London

Pakistan won first medal (Silver) in Olympic Games in
• Melbourne 1956

Pakistan won First Gold medal in Olympic Games in
• Rome 1960.

Faiz Ahamd Faiz is the only recipient of Lenin peace Prize from Pakistan. But it is not true. Abdul Sattar Edhi also received Lenin peace Prize in
• 1988.

Montgomery is the old name of
• Sahiwal

Kala Bagh is famous for minerals of
• Iron

Jallianwala Bagh massacre occurred on
• April 13, 1919

Mohenjodaro is also known as
• Mound of the Dead

“The place where heaven and earth meet” these words are said about which place?
• Punial

The system of Government introduced by Constitution of 1956 was
• Federal

Which is the longest Motorway?
• M8

Out of total how many National Assembly seats are allocated to Punjab?
• 183

Which is the highest civil award of Pakistan?
• Nishan Pakistan

Prof. Abdul Rahim Nagori was a Pakistani painter known for his
• socio-political themes.

Abdur Rahman Chughtai He is considered ‘the first significant modern Muslim artist from South Asia’, and the
• national artist of Pakistan.

Anna Molka Ahmed was a famous Pakistani artist and pioneer of fine arts in the country after its independence in 1947. She was a professor of fine arts at
• the University of the Punjab in Lahore.

Sir Nawab Saleem Ullah Khan was the founder of the
• All India Muslim League

Muhammad Ali Johar helped QUAID-E-AZAM in
• fourteen points

Who wrote Nehru Report?
• Motti Lal Nehru

Who coined the name of All India Muslim League?
• Sir Muhammad Shafi

The first country recognized Pakistan after independence was
• Iran

The longest serving Chief Justice of Pakistan was
• Justice A.R. Cornelius

The first Dry Port in Pakistan was established in 1974 at
• Lahore

The oldest news agency of Pakistan is
• Associated Press of Pakistan (APP)

Chaudhry Rehmat Ali coined the name
• ‘Pakistan’

Chaudhry Rehmat Ali wrote the pamphlet,
• Now or Never

What is the total area of Islamabad?
• 906 Sq.Km

Who first translated the Holy Quran into Persian?
• Shah Waliullah

Who first translated the Holy Quran into Urdu?
• Shah Abul Qadir.

Name the founder of the Aligarh Movement?
• Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

In which year Jinnah left the Congress?
• in 1920

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