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Heinous Crimes of Israel in Palestine and the Silence of the Muslim World

Heinous Crimes of Israel in Palestine and the Silence of the Muslim World

The topic under discussion is very critical, sensitive and it demands a lot of attention. As it is crystal clear to the world Israel is an illegal country and the entire inhabitant settler Jews in Israel have usurped the land from Palestinians. If we dare to have a meditative look in the recesses of history, it will dawn upon us that that the British in 1948 committed this heinous crime of letting the Jews settle in Philistine. Behind the creation of Philistine Dispute as well that of Kashmir, vicious masked face of the British is involved. Apparently, they pretend to be a torch bearer, but as a matter of fact, they are imperialist exploiters who leave no stone unturned ever to put the Muslims and the Muslim Ummah in deep abyss of sufferings and problems.

In Gaza Strip, the humiliating crimes of Israel are continue unabated. Infants are being massacred mercilessly. The homes of Palestinians are turned into battlefields and where the childhood of innocent Palestinians children is surrounded by the vicious shadows of missiles. Humanity is at pains there. The painful cries of innocent Palestinians children, women and men are very heart rending. If Hamas as a result of brutish attacks of Israeli Palestinian shows some sort of resistance, its responsibility is put to the innocent Palestinians and Israeli army in a ferocious way butchers the Palestinians on large scale and their houses are demolished.

The President of America took a very destructive initiative of shifting the embassy of America form Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. It means an open war for the Muslims of Palestine as well as for the Muslims of the whole world. It is to denounce the regality of Palestinian state and to recognize Israel as the only legal state. This decision has shaken the whole Muslim world and the speech of Trump also demonstrated the fact that America will always enthusiastically support Israel whether it is fair or foul. If Israel is playing the role of villainous state in the Middle East, it’s just because of undue support of America for Jewish State because America has become just a puppet in the iron hands of Israel. Owing to the decision of shifting embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem brought its massive effects on the same day in the form of brutally butchering of more that 64 innocent Palestinians including more than 10 innocent children. So now it is apparent to the world that America as well as Israel both are doing enormous injustice to the people of Palestine. America should have been impartial in this matter as she claims to be. But her sympathies, undue favor, more as well as every type of support are ever at hand for Jewish state.

The whole Muslim world including the influencing Muslim countries like Pakistan, Turkey, Saudia Arabia Iran and Malaysia are dead silent on what is happening in Palestine. Men are being tortured and killed in a very brutal way. Women are being raped by Israeli Army. Even the innocent children are the vicious victim of Israel savageness. The Muslim countries have massive resources. They can financially support Palestine. If all the Muslim countries are united, they can make Israel helpless and hinder all her atrocities being committed on Palestinians. If the Muslim countries did not come together on one platform, no force in the world can rescue the Muslims and Muslim Ummah from its massive downfall. Their downfall will be very sinister. It is need of the hour that all the Muslim countries of the world should be united and it should be fully made clear to Israel that if she dared to take any step against Palestinians, all the Muslim countries will transform her into the heap of ashes. The attack on Palestine should be considered the attack on the entire Muslim world.

Another startling point is that the dead silence of Saudia Arabia is highly condemnable. Neither financially nor morally is Saudia supporting Palestine. The factor behind masked policy of Saudia can be that Saudia wants powerful Israel in order to confront and crush Iran as both the countries have strong animosity against Iran. Saudia should have played very constructive and positive role in uniting the Muslim Ummah but the dead silence of Saudia Arabia over the issue of Palestine is very heart-rending.

The sum and substance of the whole discussion mentioned above is that Palestinians are being brutally crushed by Israel. Their houses are being demolished and set on fire. Innocent children are being butchered and women are being raped. But there is no force to stop Israel from this brutality. Then who will bell the cat? The Muslim countries will have to be united for the same cause against their common enemy. Only the unity of Muslim Ummah can bring Palestinians out of this heart rending situation.

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Malik Muhammad Wasim Shahzad

The Author is M.A. English, M.Phil and having Master Degree in Social Studies. Currently working as an Officer of BPS 16 in Education Department Govt. of Punjab on permanent basis.

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