Most Important MCQs about Constitutions of the World

1. The Charter of United Nations consists of:
Answer: 111 articles

2. The Estrada doctrine is concerned with:
Answer: Recognition

3. Which is primary source of International Law?
Answer: International Customs*

4. The UN charter in 1945 was drawn up in
Answer: San Francisco

5. The briefest constitution of the world is
Answer: USA

6. How many countries are there in the world which have unwritten constitutions.
Answer: 7

7. Which countries has unwritten constitution?

Answer: Israel, UK, New Zealand

8. When was the constitution of India enforced?
Answer: January 26, 1950

9. The membership of US Electoral College stands at:
Answer: 538

10. The US constitution has been amended for how many times?
Answer: 27 times

11. Which party system in France?
Answer: Multi party system

12. Which party system is introduced in Italy?
Answer: Multi party system

13. The US constitution was enforced in:
Answer: 1789

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14. In American history only president who give resign
Answer: Richard Nixon

15. How many articles are there in constitution of USA?
Answer: 7

16. The voting age in Britain is at least:
Answer: 18 years

17. The British constitution is amended by:
Answer: Simple majority

18. The French president is elected for:
Answer: 6 years

19. Russian president is elected for:
Answer: 6 years

20. The Soviet Union was dissolved in:
Answer: 1991

21. The Indian President is elected for a period of:
Answer: 5 years

22. Which  party system in Sweden?
Answer: Multi party system

23. Which  party system is introduced in New Zealand?
Answer: Multi party system

24. Which party system is introduced in Iraq?
Answer: Multi party system

25. The term of US House of Representative is
Answer: 2 years

26. The Indian Union comprises
Answer: 28 states

27. The number of Presidents removed from office through impeachment in US is/are:
Answer: None

28. The number of President serving for more than eight years in US is:
Answer: One

29. The Vice-President of US is elected for:
Answer: 4 years

30. Indian Parliament is known as:
Answer: Bicameral

31. The Fifth Republic was enforced in France in
Answer: 1958

32. The number of amendments so far made in the US Constitution is:
Answer: 27

33. Which of the country has no party system?
Answer: UAE

34. Which country has no party system?
Answer: All of above

35. Which country has no party system?
Answer: Afghanistan

36. Which country has no party system?
Answer: Saudi Arabia

37. The right to voting in U.K. was extended to women in
Answer: 1928

38. The quorum for conducting business in the House of Lords in U.K. is
Answer: 4

39. The voting age in U.S.A is
Answer: 18 years

40. The number of members of Electoral College in USA is
Answer: 538

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