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Intelligence Test No. 1 (for all kind of Competitive Exams)

Intelligence Test No. 1 (for all kind of Competitive Exams)
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Intelligence Test No. 1

1. How many times can you subtract 1 from 100?

2. A boy went into a shop and spent one quarter of the money he had with him. He then spent a’ further 25 paisas leaving himself with two rupees. How much did he start out with?

3. If at noon, a clock is two minutes slow and gains a minute and a half every hour, when will it show the correct time?

4. Multiply together a half and a third of Ramzan’s age and the product will be 54. How old is Ramzan?

5. What is next in this series?

A, Z, C, X, E —

6. What two letters are missing?
R, F, T, O, N,

7. In a 10 storey block of flats, which floor is above the floor, below the floor, below the floor above the floor, below the floor above the 5th?

8. If 129 players enter a knockout tennis tournament how many matches must be played?

9. What is next in this series?
2, 3, 6, 18, 108,

10. If ShcEMd means riddle, what does DZogFq mean?

11. Rabia is the sister of Jamil’s grand daughter who, in turn, is Fahim’s brother’s mother. What relation is Fahim to Jamil?

12. What is missing from this sequence? 5201 413.

13. If you are out in the rain for five minutes, will you get wetter walking or running?

14. What number is missing here?
1 2 4 6 32 64

15. Write down five odd numbers so that, when you add them up they total 14.

16. Find a number whose double. exceeds its half by 99.

17. What is the next number in this series? 31 28 31 30

18. What would you call two bananas?

19. No woman has ever walked in space, whether this statement is true of false.

20. There were millions of people in Karachi yesterday. Why?

21. A bottle and a cork cost three rupees. The bottle costs one rupee more than the cork. How much does each cost?

22. What is the day after Christmas called?

23. What are apple seeds called?

24. What relation to you is your mother’s brother?

25. A is father of C whose son is D. E is mother of F whose brother is D. What is the relation of A to E?

26. The word “dent” means.
(a) crash                  (b) hollow
(c) depression        (d) impact

27. Choose the word most opposite in meaning to the given word AMORPHOUS.
(a) mobile                 (b) cunning
(c) definite               (d) strong.

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28. What is the difference between a pair of spectacles and contact lenses?

29. How many legs the farmer’s donkey if you call its tail a leg?

30. A man weighs more at the North pole than he does at the Equator. True or False.


(1) Just once.
(2) Rupees three.
(3) 1.20 p.m.
(4) 18 years.
(5) V.
(7) The sixth floor.
(8) 129.
(9) 1944.
(10) cypher.
(11) Fahim is Jamil’s great grandson.
(12) 18 (clockwise round dartboard).
(13) If you are out in the rain for any given length of time you will get less wet walking and least wet standing still.
(14) 8.
(15) 1, 1, 1, 11.
(16) 66.
(17) 31
(they are the number of days in the months, starting with January).
(18) A pair of slippers.
(19) False.
(20) Because they all live there.
(21) Bottle costs two rupees, cork one rupee.
(22) Boxing day.
(23) Pips.
(24) Your uncle.
(25) F and D are brothers. E and F are their mother and father respectively. Thus A is E’s father in law.
(26) impact.
(27) definite.
(28) Basically both are lenses which are used to correct defective eyesight.
(29) Four, no matter what you call its tail.
(30) True.

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