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FPSC CSS Past Papers 2019

International Relations – I CSS Paper 2019 | FPSC CSS Past Papers 2019

International Relations Paper I 2019
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

CSS International Relations Paper-I 2019 


International Relations Paper – I
CSS Paper 2019

Time Allowed: Three Hours Part-I (MCQs) Maximum Marks-20
Part-I (MCQs): Maximum 30 Minutes Part-II Maximum Marks = 80

Note: (i) Part-II is to be attempted on the separate Answer Book.
(ii) Attempt ONLY FOUR Questions from PART-II. ALL questions carry EQUAL Marks.
(iii) All the parts (if any) of each Question must be attempted at one Place instead of at different places.
(iv) Write Q. No. in the Answer Book in accordance with Q. No. in the Q. Paper.
(v) No Page/Space be left blank between the answers. All the blank pages of Answer Book must be crossed.
(vi) Extra attempt of any question or any part of the question will not be considered.

International Relations Paper I – Part II

Q. No. 2. Discuss the significant feature of ‘Treaty of Westphalia” and the development of modern Nation-State System. (20)

Q. No. 3. Discuss the concept of “Idealism”. Explain its core perceptions and define its agenda of peace for the stability of world. (20)

Q. No. 4. Discuss the concept of “Security” in the post-Cold War era, Explain its changing dimensions and define its strength and weaknesses for the nation states. (20)

Q. No. 5. Discuss the concept of “Hybrid and Social Media” as a means of modern psychology warfarw. Explain its characteristics and suggest measures to promote national security. (20)

Q. No. 6. Critically discuss the idea of “Dependence and Interdependence”. Explain its advantages and disadvantages for the poor countries.

Q. No. 7. Discuss the development of “Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty” (NPT), define its main features and explain its status in present world. (20)

Q. No. 8. Pakistan is going to International Monetary Fund (IMF) for its bailout package to resolve its financial problems through prudent management. Discuss Pakistan’s eternal debt problems and domestic liabilities to stabilize country’s economic uncertainty. (20)

Check the International Relations Paper-I CSS 2019 Original Paper Images Below

International Relations Paper I 2019

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