Last Hour Revision Plan for CSS Public Administration Paper

Last Hour Revision Plan for Public Administration CSS Paper By Malik Hassan Ali

Last Hour Revision Plan for Public Administration CSS Paper By: Malik Hassan Ali (CSS-2018 Written Qualifier)

1. Theoretical Framework of Public Administration

Prepare the topic number 1 and 2 completely along with its sub topics that is the basic theoretical framework of Public Administration. Use this theoretical foundation while answering questions.

2. Revising Topics

Once done with these topics go on revising other topics one by one in sequential order or randomized one as you feel easy.

3. Important Topics

There are total 12 topics except for topic 1 and 2, you can pick any 8 to 9 of them and revise them while taking liberty to leave 3 to 4 of them completely.

4. Practical Implementation

Don’t forget majority of questions would be on practical implementation of the concepts in Pakistani context or regional or international settings. So whatever the topics you prepare, prepare what applications it has with regards to Pakistan specially. Also take a brief look at systems of India, USA and UK to draw comparisons.

5. Public Administration MCQs

Revise the MCQs from past papers and any other source you are using for it. Most of the MCQs will come from topic 1 and 2.

Good Luck!

Malik Hassan Ali (CSS-2018 Written Qualifier)

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