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Last Hour Revision Plan for European History CSS Paper

Last Hour Revision Plan for European History CSS Paper By: Malik Hassan Ali (CSS-2018 Written Qualifier)

European History Part 1

1. From part 1 prepare the topics one by one either from the books or just watch videos on study.com or Youtube by typing the topic name in search bar and see the video which appears and seems most relevant to the topic name.

Videos for European History

2. In case of Videos don’t pick lengthy ones but shorter ones having less than 10 to 12 minutes span.

Overlapping of Topics

3. There is overlapping of topics in topic number III “Forces of continuity and change in Europe” with political science and International Relations syllabus as well as topic number VII “The First world war” with International Relations syllabus so if you have already prepared these topics you can skip them now.

European History Part 2

4. In part 2 of the course there is great overlapping with International Relations syllabus in topics number VIII, X, XI, XII as well as various sub topics in part 2 overlap with political science, or intentional law courses as well. You can skip them all if prepared already.

Repeat the Procedure

5. As for the remaining topics repeat the procedure shared in point 1.

European History MCQs Preparation

6. Prepare MCQs from past papers and from other sources you are using in left over time.

Good Luck!


Malik Hassan Ali (CSS-2018 Written Qualifier)

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