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Last Hour Revision Plan for Political Science CSS Papers

Last Day Revision Plan for Political Science Papers for CSS
Written by Malik Hassan Ali

Last Hour Revision Plan for Political Science CSS Paper-I

1. Emphasis should be on the preparation of Part 1 related to theory for this paper.

2. Prepare the political theory of Plato, Aristotle, Machiavelli, Montesqieu, Hobbs, Locke, Rosseau, Hegel and Karl Marx from the portion of western political thought it is certain that one out of the two questions would come from these philosophers. It is also a fair probability that both of the questions would come from them.

3. For Islamic political theory revise the thoughts of Al Farabi, Al Mawardi, Imam Ghazali, Nizam ul Mulk Tusi, Ghazali, Ibn Khaldun and Allama Iqbal. It is 50-50 chance that second question on theory would be from these philosophers or from the ones mentioned in point one or there would be a comparison of thoughts.

4. For Part 2 if you have background knowledge and prepared the subject thoroughly earlier than there is very little need of revision in this section.

5. Just have a look at “forms of government” and “political ideologies” topics and any other in which you find some difficulty or find it too important to ignore.

6. In MCQs special attention should be given to the main concept of philosophers, names of their books, where they are born, and any catching feature which makes them unique. Also take help of past papers for prep of MCQs. 

Last Hour Revision Plan for Political Science CSS Paper-II

1. From Part A only revise political systems of UK and USA. There would be one question about them certainly in paper.

2. Revise political system of India, Turkey and China. If you have good familiarity with Pakistan’s constitutional and political system you can leave Indian system as both have great similarity. One question would be from these topics in Part B.

3. Expect a question on Jinnah, Iqbal or Sir Syed so revise these personalities by keeping in mind various aspects of their life and political struggle.

4. Revise the three constitutions with special focus on 1973 and its amendments upto date and their consequences.

5. Pakistan as a Federation, as a Parliamentary Democracy and, as a Presidential form of government prepare these too.

6. Revise MCQs from past papers and also from any good book you are using for that purpose.

Good Luck!


Malik Hassan Ali (CSS-2018 Written Qualifier)

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