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Learn the Art of English Essay Writing by Hammad Ahmed (CSS Essay Topper)

Learn the Art of English Essay Writing by Hammad Ahmed (CSS Essay Topper)
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

English Essay approaches the tricky and dangerous subject from three sides: content, style and structure, making sure that if you are a hardworking student, you will have everything you need to pass.

In CSS, up to 92% candidates pass in all exams, but fail in the English essay, making it the greatest obstacle to your CSS dream. I faced the same fear when I applied for CSS in 2017. I took advice from a lot of people and everyone said different things! It not only became confusing, but made preparation impossible.Because I come from an engineering background, I did not have a lot of essay-writing experience and my long journey to ace the CSS English Essay has now made me an expert on the topic. The biggest proof for this: I secured 70/100 marks in CSS-2017 English Essay and am 1st in Pakistan in the subject!

English Essay by Sir Hammad Ahmed

Now I’m sharing everything that I have learnt with students of Nearpeer.org

For me it was a difficult journey; for you, it will be a piece of cake if your basic English skills are okay and you are looking for a course that can give you the right amount of guidance, direction and mentorship to help you secure high marks in the CSS English Essay.

This course is especially for students from top-notch foreign or English-medium universities like LUMS; students from engineering/medical background and students who have premonitions about CSS English Essay or confusion about why people fail this seemingly simple exam.

The entire course is one large module, with three aspects covered: Content, Style and Structure.

Hope you’ll find this beneficial and make me proud,
Hammad Ahmed
(Pakistan Customs Service; CSS Essay Topper)

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English Essay by Sir Hammad Ahmed

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