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Grammar is expected to be the most difficult paper of CSS, targetted every now and then. The main reason is that people believe Grammar is easy and do not practice it much.

The worst part is that one needs 40 marks to pass this subject and one is failed at 38 or 39. Such a close margin hurts even more. Grammar is more like Mathematics. If rules are known, one can give a 100% to the subject in the paper as well and score 70+ (i had scored 72 just because I had all the rules on finger-tips)

Pair of words, idioms, and phrasal verbs are to be learned by heart but not via binge learning, they ought to be done slowly and steadily at a constant pace, like 20 each day and so on and so forth.

English Precis and Composition is considered to be one of the toughest CSS subjects. I beg to differ! It is actually the simplest of them all. You do not need to cram any books. We make it difficult for ourselves by overcomplicating its study process and constantly looking for teachers or books- anything that would “make us pass” this exam. All you need is DIRECTION! Once you have this direction, you must be dedicated enough to work hard and practice and you’re good to go. Thus, to help all the people who’ve been asking me how to study for the English Precis and Composition exam, I have designed this course in the most comprehensive but simplest of manners possible. There is no particular book that you could consult for this exam and feel prepared. So, this course is an attempt to bring everything needed for this exam in one place. Following are its modules:

Module 1: English Precis

Module 2: English Comprehension

Module 3: Vocabulary (MCQs – Synonyms/Antonyms, Pair of Words, Idioms, Translation, Grouping of Words/Analogies)

Module 4: Grammar (Sentence Correction, Direct/Indirect, Active/Passive, Prepositions and all other relevant Grammar rules)

Each module includes detailed instructions, practice exercises and most importantly, exercises that I will solve with all of you step by step! Hopefully, by the end of this course, all my students will be able to ace the English Precis exam, given that they follow the directions, practice diligently and then simply have faith in themselves.

This course encompasses all the rules and regulations of Grammar handed down to me by my teachers, I’m certain these videos will make one understand the basic gist of Grammar of CSS.

Dr. Sassi Malik Sher (CSS 2017, Military and Land Cantonments (ML&C))

This Course includes:

1. Video Lectures:
Recorded Video Lectures that you can access anytime and on any device.

2. WhatsApp Classroom:
Get access to your Teachers and Students via WhatsApp Group.

3. General Guidance:
Instructor will guide you generally about the subject.

4. Motivational Lectures:
Video lectures for your motivation to perform better in the exam.

5. Study Notes:
Get guidance on study notes and books by the instructor

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  • Respected Sir/Madam,
    It’s kind request that please tell me the procedure of taking online class of subject precise & grammar by precise topper Doctor Sassi Mailk shair. I’m Ahmed Gulfaraz from province of punjab, district Rahim yar khan Tehsil Liaqutpur and student of css 2021 exam.