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List of Commonly Mis-Spelt Words | CSS English Grammar

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Written by Shahzad F. Malik

List of Commonly Mis-Spelt Words | CSS English Grammar

Below is a list of words commonly mis-spelt. Students are advised to go through this list as often as they can and consult it whenever they are in doubt about the spelling of a particular word. Care has been taken to include only those words, which should be within the range of an average student’s vocabulary.

(A) | Mis-Spelt Words

acquaintance aggression aggressor
arithmetic aggressor ammunition
across administration accommodate
amateur address awful
accompanied assistant advantageous
allotted antique almighty
admissible altogether already
apposite allegiance approach
august article accountant
access anxious aviation
aviation aeroplane aerodrome
affectionately argument acknowledge
acknowledgement angrily

(B) – Mis-Spelt Words

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balloon beginning beneficial
buffalo barber banana
beggar buried biscuit
benefited bosom bouquet
behaviour besiege boundary
brethren balance blanket
bicycle bungalow benefit
bureaucracy barrier business
burial beautiful bottom
bottle benefactor bulletin
buying banquet

(C) – Mis-Spelt Words

canal cantonment calamity
career canvas camel
canvass chastity casual
chauffer committee cigarette
colonel colleague cotton
challenge controlled copying
carrying collision christian
competition completely comparison
catalogue ceremony ceremonial
column correspondence communiqué
control cautious community
callous casually caricature
centenary carcass curiosity
cemetery convenience centre
censure courteous cruelty
clerk captain cholera
conscious communalism coincide
coffee changeable communication
courageous conqueror civilisation
commander combustible conscientious
courtesy collaborate commission
conscience committed character
commemorate consecutive calendar

(D) – Mis-Spelt Words

despair determined dwelling
deceit decision deficiency
declaration desperate dessert
distinguish demurrage dialogue
diagnosis disappointed destined
disciplinarian defiance decree
develop discipline dilemma
despondency deceived dynasty
dying, dyeing degree disease
decease deliberate

(E) – Mis-Spelt Words

embroidery easily envelop
envelope (noun) enemy enthusiasm
embarrassed exemplary expenses
engineer eligible examine
exaggerate example extremely
engine elementary etiquette
essential efficient extreme

(F) – Mis-Spelt Words

farewell favourite famine
february foreboding feign
faithfully finger figure
fiery foreign forgotten
furniture fullness fidelity
flourish fulfil fulfilled
fascinate failure fatigue

(G) – Mis-Spelt Words

gardener goddess gallantry
grateful gas gaiety
galloping guarantee gorgeous
government guardian grammar
galloped giant grandeur
gazette gymnasium gymnastics

(H) – Mis-Spelt Words

height heroine headache
hindrance hypocrisy heavily
hygiene hysteria humorous
hockey hurriedly honorary
handicap handkerchief hypothesis
hypocrite hastily humour
hatred harbour heard
harass hereditary haphazard
hundred heavier

(I) – Mis-Spelt Words

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ideal inarticulate idolatry
impartial immovable illiteracy
impiety inheritance influence
illumine intelligence interim
inappropriate irreparable irresistible
irresponsible irritable immediately
impossible intolerable illusion
impious inaccessible interesting
illustrate incompatible incendiary
inimical inscrutable interfere
interference interrupt indispensable
imminent infallible indefensible
illustrate indefensible inflammable
inflammation interest inaugurate
influential intellect ingenious
insatiable imprisoned ineligible
inefficient incorrigible inconvenient
itch ivory

(J) – Mis-Spelt Words

january jealousy judgment
jewellery juggler juice

(K) – Mis-Spelt Words

kerosene kitchen kneel
knitted knit knight

(L) – Mis-Spelt Words

labourer licence (noun) license (verb)
legitimate livelihood lorry
laborious laughter language
library lovable luxurious
lustre lustrous lottery
lieutenant lightening, lightning legislative
leopard liquidate league
loose, lose leisure literary

(M) – Mis-Spelt Words

magnificent mirror mischief
mischief minute mosquito
massacre maintenance manageable
management manoeuvre muscle
muscular material murderer
mystery millionaire miscellaneous
miniature machinery maintained
marvellous mathematics manufacture
manual municipal military
museum merchant medicine
medal, meddle majority marriage
massage message mischievous
miracle motto mottoes
mountain magistrate messenger
musician manuscript medicinal

(N) – Mis-Spelt Words

narration nausea noticeable
notorious necessary necessity
naked navigable niece
nonsense needle neighbour
nourish nuisance nutrition
nutritious nephew negro
negroes negative negotiable
neutral ninety ninth

(O) – Mis-Spelt Words

oasis obedient odour
opposite orator obliterate
occur occurred occurrence
occasion occasionally offence
obedience obituary omission
omitted opium opinion
oppression oppressed opportunity
odorous offensive origin
original owe overwhelming

(P) – Mis-Spelt Words

pacify pleasant parallel
persecute pneumonia poisonous
possession parachute paralysis
personal personnel peculiar
permission perusal pageant
palatial panacea penitence
penitent précis permissible
pigeon pleasure prosecute
permanent periodical professor
platform persuade phthisis
prisoner preference proprietor
provisional punctual psalm
pursue pursuit parliament
passenger partition patient
parent patriot peasant
persuasive perennial pestilence
philosophy physique physician

(Q) – Mis-Spelt Words

quadruped quinine quorum
quarrelling quote quotation
quota quarrel quarrelled

(R) – Mis-Spelt Words

rate replying regiment
rehearsal reality remembrance
righteousness really rigour
rigorous regrettable remittance
radiance reference resurrection
rhetoric rhyme repetition
receipt routine rogue
rheumatic ruler received
runner referee rapture
rascal realm rhythm
ridiculous rumour religious
religion rebelled rebellion

(S) – Mis-Spelt Words

safety sacrifice shoulder
simultaneous suicide suitor
sacrificial sincerity superintendent
saviour scene solemn
soliloquy somersault sovereign
swimming syllable sweetmeat
separate seizure staunch
stomach studying subtle
shyly sulphur sincerely
superfluous skilful soldier
supreme supremacy suspicious
scholar scissors scythe
spontaneity squirrel symbol
symmetrical symptom synopsis
shining sufficient summary
sinecure superstition supervisor
science schedule splendid
splendour spontaneous sword
search serviceable shepherd
shoeing suckle synonym

(T) – Mis-Spelt Words

tariff temperature temperance
technique travel tranquillity
tyranny temporary tragedy
tournament twelfth twentieth
tyrant temperament transference
truly transferred tedious
technical traveller

(U) – Mis-Spelt Words

utilise usurper usually
unintelligible unusually until
unique utility umbrella
unanimous union unsubstantial

(V) – Mis-Spelt Words

vacancy vegetable verify
volunteer velocity vengeance
visitor visual valiant
variety vigorous vivisection
valuable victim vicinity
voluntary vocabulary venomous

(W) – Mis-Spelt Words

walnut waistcoat warily
wednesday welfare well done
wield whirlpool whom
welcome wilfulness whom

(Z) – Mis-Spelt Words

Zeal zealous zoology

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